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We set out here operational policies and procedures relevant to Search Weather.Net specifically designed for Internet use. It is important for us that our Users are aware of the capacity of the Internet to collate, retrieve and store private information, and how we treat information that we collect, what we do with it, and your rights in terms of accessing it, amending it, or requiring it to be deleted.


Search Weather.Net primarily has two forms of retrieval of information from Users that may apply:

One of these is personal information and/or details about yourself that you intentionally provide to us when you may register for services or subscriptions that we may offer or provide. This could extend to participation in surveys, or the provision of feedback in relation to the services we provide. At all times it should be noted that in this instance we would be asking you to provide the information and to participate, and you would have the choice of taking part and volunteering your personal information and details.

Secondly, there are times when we, or third party systems we utilise, could collate information and details concerning traffic to Search Weather.Net. You should note this is not personal information or related to your personal details, but only how you figure in terms of cumulative audiences for the information and forecasts we offer.


You should note we may disclose information and details that we collect, including your personal information and details to other parties within our group and its associated entities, or on occasion to third parties but only if we have your consent which at the time of collation we will request.

Information pertaining to you that is collected as to your use of our site, and the type of information you are accessing, will be used in association with similar information applying to other Users for use by our advertisers, advertising agents, and possibly our associated sites and site operators, but it should be noted in this instance no information or details applicable to you personally will be passed on.

The only exception to this would be if we are required by Law within a relevant country to do so.


Information and details Search Weather.Net collects from Users is for the purposes of establishing that you are a real person and validating your identity. Aside from confirming that information we are collecting is relevant to a real person we have that information on hand in the case where you for whatever reason cannot recall your password or other login details required for subscriptions or other services we may offer from time to time.

We also may use that information to inform you of other services that we or our associated sites, or other parties may be offering which we believe may be of interest to you.

We also may use your information and details for marketing, publicity, or promotions reasons, surveys of Users, and direct marketing activities.

Any other uses we may put your personal information and details to will only be so with your consent which we undertake to obtain.

Cookies and Tracking

We may use a cookie file that identifies the computer you are accessing Search Weather.Net from. The cookie file does not identity you personally, it only provides us with details of your IP address, your PC platform (Windows, NT or Mac), Browser (for example Microsoft, Netscape etc. and the version of that browser) and domain (regardless of where you are accessing our site from). We may use the information generated by "cookies" for tracking traffic patterns to and from our site including information on what pages and services you are accessing, the amount of time you spend on each page, and the time and date of your visit. We may also maintain a record of what site you have visited us from, or what site you leave us to visit.

If you prefer you can elect to not have your cookies turned on simply by turning them off in your browser and/or removing them from your hard drive. You may however need them to access customisable areas of the site that we may provide in the future. You should note if your cookies are turned off we will not have any control over the frequency of display of certain ad formats. This could affect your experience within out site.

Content Providers, Advertisers and Associates

We do utilise other providers to provide or supplement content on our site including such parties as Weather Underground, Google and others, including news headlines from an associated site. You should note Search Weather.Net has no control over the manner in which content is generated by third parties, and often we do not have control over the manner in which such content is displayed on our site. More importantly we do not have any say and certainly no control over the manner in which third party Web sites providing content or services to our site, may collect information from Users, or on how they may use that information. These sites have their own privacy policies that do not conform to ours, so if accessing information or services on those sites, or any others that we provide links to, you should inspect their privacy policies.

Third Party Ad Servers

We do not have control over how advertisers may collect and/or use information or details relevant to yourself as a result of you visiting our site. These companies may use information and details (however not i your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this site, including information collated by cookies. These parties have their own privacy policies that do not conform to ours, so if accessing information or services advertiser sites, or any others that we provide links to, you should inspect their privacy policies.

Opting out

The services and information we provide, or may provide in the future in a subscription form, may be terminated by you at any time. On any newsletter, emailed weather forecast, or other service that we may introduce, you will always have the option to opt out of receiving, or participating, in the relevant service.

Changes to Search Weather.Net Privacy Policy

We may from time to time review and update our privacy policy. Any changes will be announced in this section of our Web site. If you are a regular user of our site we strongly suggest you keep yourself aware of our current privacy policy at all times by visiting this section of our site on a regular basis.

If you have any concerns about our privacy policy at any team please use our Contact Us form to notify us.