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Whistler Weather

The town of Whistler is a resort town located in British Columbia, Canada. While the city is located close to Vancouver, its weather is much different than that. The climate in Whistler is cold during the winter and very snowy. The summers are mild though in some cases the temperatures can go up. The summers tend to be warm and dry with rainfall increasing until October. Every single month of the year has at one point or other reached freezing conditions including the hottest month of the year, which is usually August. Whistler weather is affected mostly by its elevation at 670 meters (2,200 feet) and that is the main reason for its cool weather during the winter. Of course there is also its latitude.


The main reason why people visit Whistler, British Columbia is its snow. It is a resort town where people come to practice winter sports. As such, snow accumulation can be rather high. Throughout the year, the town of Whistler will experience 412 centimeters (162.2 inches). The snowiest month of the year is December when Whistler weather gets an average of 111 centimeters (43.7 inches) of snow. Snow can usually be seen as early as October and as late as May so check Whistler Weather.Net for current weather conditions especially during the winter. Usually the resorts will be open by the month of November as snow accumulates at a fast pace during this month. Whistler gets 65 centimeters (25.6 inches) during the month of November as an average.

How Hot Does It Get?

If you are visiting Whistler during the summer, you should not expect temperatures that go too high, though in some cases the temperature has reached higher than average numbers. The highest temperature ever recorded in Whistler weather is 38.2 Celsius (100.8 Fahrenheit). The average high temperature in the hottest month, August, is 23.5 Celsius (74.3 Fahrenheit). The rest of the year the temperatures tend to be mild and while October, which is usually cool enough for snow, has seen temperatures as high as 26.6 Celsius (79.9 Fahrenheit), that is not the norm. Make sure to check the current weather conditions at during the summer but do not think you will need to bring all your t-shirts for your vacation.

Cool Temperatures

With the snow which happens for most of the year, the town of Whistler gets really cold temperatures. As stated earlier, every month of the year has experienced freezing temperatures but the coldest ever recorded in Whistler weather is -29.2 Celsius (-20.6 Fahrenheit). During the summer the coldest temperature ever is right at the freezing mark. On average the town of Whistler will only experience 11 days each year with temperatures above 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). On the other hand, temperatures below -10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) happen about 24 days each year. No matter what time of the year you visit, we at Whistler Weather.Net recommend that you bring at least a heavy sweater during the summer and a heavy coat during the winter.

Best Time To Visit

Let's face it; the main reason why people come to Whistler is for the winter sports. In fact, Whistler has hosted some of the Winter Olympic Games when they took place in Vancouver. It is therefore obvious that Whistler is perfect for winter sports but what you can also find at is that the temperatures during the summer are so amazing that they make the beauty of the area come to life. That means that there is really no bad time to visit the town of Whistler because during the summer you get beautiful views of nature while in the winter, people visit for the winter sports. It is always recommended to bring heavy clothing at all times.

Things To Be Concerned About

If you are visiting Whistler, then you already know that you will be finding cool temperatures. Even the summer nighttime temperatures can be really cold so you should always make sure to be ready for cooler temperatures. Not being ready for them can result in injuries due to the cold weather. Other things to be concerned about that have to do with the weather would be freezing road conditions. The town of Whistler has a great system for cleaning the roads but sudden changes in temperature can make road conditions be treacherous. Because of the temperatures, the area of Whistler has a lot of wildlife which may also in some cases be dangerous. Bears are in the area so do not leave food outside.

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