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Tulsa Weather

The city of Tulsa is located in the state of Oklahoma and it is the second largest in the state. The climate in Tulsa is temperate subtropical and there are many things which affect Tulsa weather throughout the year. The city is prone to severe weather as it is located right in the middle of tornado alley so the spring months and the summer can produce damaging storms which include tornados. The city does get a lot of precipitation, especially during that time of the year. The summers in the city of Tulsa are very warm while the winters tend to be moderate but in some cases freezing temperatures and snow can be had in the city. The autumn and spring are short transitional seasons.

Extreme Weather

If you are visiting the city of Tulsa, especially from the months of April through September, it is recommended that you check Tulsa Weather.Net and stay updated with any changes during your visit. This is the time of the year when extreme weather conditions can hit the city. You should not only think of tornados when it comes to the extreme weather that Tulsa sees. Some powerful thunderstorms are so strong that they include large hail and lightning. Flooding is also one of the potential damaging weather conditions which Tulsa weather can experience. The city of Tulsa has actually developed a very effective flood control system when compared to other cities in the nation. Extreme conditions in the winter are rare in Tulsa.

Tornado History

Due to its location in the middle of tornado alley, Tulsa is threatened by tornados every year. In the year of 2011, 19 tornados passed within 15 miles of the city of Tulsa but none of them was too close. In 1975, a category F3 tornado passed only 1.3 miles from the city center and that ended up resulting in 38 injuries. The strongest tornado to pass close to Tulsa was an F4 which was 9.1 miles away from the city center in 1993. Tornado season requires that you stay updated with the weather forecast at and Tulsa weather management has many ways to alert you in case a tornado is close by so always pay attention to the local weather forecast.

Hot Temperatures

The summers in Tulsa can get rather hot and humid. The hottest month is usually July which has an average high temperature of 93.1 Fahrenheit (33.9 Celsius). August has the same average high temperature but at night those temperatures go down to 71.8 Fahrenheit (22.1 Celsius) while in July they only go down to 73.1 Fahrenheit (22.8 Celsius). The hottest temperature ever recorded in Tulsa weather was 115 Fahrenheit (46 Celsius). Heat waves can happen in the city of Tulsa so we at Tulsa Weather.Net recommend that you keep yourself cool by staying indoors if you are in the city during a heat wave. Throughout the year the average high temperature is 71.3 Fahrenheit (21.83 Celsius) which is much higher than other cities at the same latitude.

The Winter Months

The winters in Tulsa are very comfortable and though the average low temperatures are all below freezing, they are almost never too cold with the rare exceptions. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Tulsa was -16 Fahrenheit (-27 Celsius) but the average low temperature in the coldest month, which is January, is 28 Fahrenheit (-2.2 Celsius). The winter months would probably be the only ones when we at would suggest that you wear a heavier coat. The rest of the year can get a bit warm during the day and need no more than a light coat at night. The city of Tulsa gets about 10.4 inches (26.4 centimeters) of snow spread out over six days each year.

Best Time To Visit

There are many reasons to visit the city of Tulsa so it is not strange for you to be thinking of visiting. You should, however, when the best time to visit Tulsa is. You should avoid tornado season if you can as there are many dangers due to the weather during those times. Keep in mind that if you do have to visit during tornado season, the chances of you getting hit by a tornado are extremely rare but if you come during the winter months or the early spring you will be able to avoid that altogether. The early spring is the best time to visit as you get less rain, great temperatures and less of a chance of extreme weather.

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