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Pittsburgh Weather

The city of Pittsburgh is the second largest in the state of Pennsylvania, second only to Philadelphia. The city is located to the southwest of the state and it experiences humid continental weather. There are four seasons which you can see when you visit the city of Pittsburgh. The summers tend to be hot and humid and the winters cold and somewhat snowy. Precipitation is spread evenly throughout the year so there is no real wet or dry season in the Pittsburgh weather. Though the city can be hot during the summer you should not expect extremely hot temperatures during your summer visit to Pittsburgh. The city gets a good deal of sunshine throughout the year except for the winter months which can be gloomy.

Total Precipitation

Throughout the year the city of Pittsburgh will experience 153.3 days of precipitation which amounts to 37.85 inches (961.4 millimeters) of precipitation. Though there really is no rainy season which the Pittsburgh weather experiences it does rain just a little bit more during the summer months, especially during June. The average precipitation during the month of June is 4.12 inches (104.6 millimeters). Because of the constant rain you should stay updated with the forecast by using The Pittsburgh Weather.Net. The driest month of the year is October when the average precipitation is only 2.25 inches (57.2 millimeters) but that does not mean that you should put the umbrella away. It rains for a third of the days during the month of October.


One thing that you do have to be concerned about when you travel to Pittsburgh during the winter is the snow that you may see. It does snow in Pittsburgh and in some cases it does so a lot. The reason partly is the elevation of the city of Pittsburgh, which at its highest is 1,370 feet (420 meters). Another reason is its location bordering east coast and Midwest to the north of the country. The snowiest month of the year is usually January which gets a total of 11.9 inches (30.2 centimeters) as an average each year. We at recommend that you bring layers when you visit any time from late October to early May as snow is a possibility during those times.

How Hot Does It Get?

If you are planning your Pittsburgh trip for the summer months, then you may be wondering how hot the weather can be. The Pittsburgh weather will not give you extreme temperatures seen in other regions of the country but you do have to understand that humidity is almost a way of life. If you are coming anytime between June and September we at The Pittsburgh Weather.Net recommend that you bring plenty of light clothing for daytime temperatures. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the city of Pittsburgh was only 103 Fahrenheit (39 Celsius) but when you add humidity it can feel much hotter than that. The hottest month of the year is usually July with an average high temperature of 82.7 Fahrenheit (28.2 Celsius).

Cool Temperatures

Anytime that you visit from the months of November through March you are likely to see freezing temperatures, especially at nighttime. The average low temperature is below the freezing mark from December through March with January being the coolest month of the year with an average low of 19.9 Fahrenheit (-6.7 Celsius). The Pittsburgh weather can also experience high winds during this time of the year so for any current conditions you should always check before your arrival. Blizzards are not rare for this region in the country. The latest significant blizzard to hit the city happened in 2010 which locals know as Snowpocalypse. During that weather event close to 2 feet (61 centimeters) fell in less than a day.

Best Time To Visit

If you know that you want to visit the city of Pittsburgh but have not decided when to do so then keep reading. There are many debates on the best time to visit the city of Pittsburgh. Some believe that the summer, though hot, gives you the most opportunities to do outdoor activities. The fact is that the late spring and early summer as well as the early fall are both great times to visit the city. You do not get a lot of rain during those times. While you do have showers, they tend to pass quickly. You will also be avoiding the extremely hot and humid conditions of the summer and the snowy winters which Pittsburgh can see from time to time.

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