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A few clouds. Low 78F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph.

Wind increasing. A few clouds from time to time. High 92F. Winds ENE at 20 to 30 mph.

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Taiwan Weather

Taiwan is an island located in the east of Asia. The island was formerly called Ilha Formosa meaning the beautiful island. Taiwan is definitely a great place for a vacation and is also a place that has plenty of business opportunities. If you are planning to go to Taiwan any time soon make sure you first check the latest weather update to see if you are travelling at the right time. This is very important because your aim may be to enjoy the beautiful beaches at this island and yet if you go during the monsoon rains that will not be possible. It is therefore very important to plan your vacation using climatic information of the place you want to go to so you can select the perfect period to travel. This will help you avoid adverse weather conditions which would otherwise spoil your fun and cause you to lose your money and waste your precious time. For climatic info to help you decide the best time to travel to Taiwan check


Taiwan generally experiences a marine climate. The climate on this island varies widely between seasons in the north and mountainous regions. The southern part of the island is in the tropical belt thus it experiences a warm humid climate throughout the year. The rainy season is in May to June with rainy showers being received almost every day. Typhoons can be experienced between the months July and October. Taiwan receives an average of about 4 direct hits by typhoons per year. Clouds are persistent and are widespread throughout the year. In the southern side of the island rains are mostly received during summer with 90% of precipitation received per year falling during this time. Annual rainfall is more than 2.500 mm (98.4 inches). Excess rains often lead to mudslides which cause serious disasters. For more information on Taiwan climate visit Taiwan Weather.Net.

Pleasant Seasons

The tropic of cancer passes through Taiwan and brings along with it tropical and subtropical weather to the island. Taiwan weather is similar to some provinces in China. Daily temperatures on this island generally average 22 degrees Centigrade (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year. The island doesn't experience any severe cold winters and summers are not brutally hot either. Taiwan is therefore known for its pleasant seasons.


The northern regions of the island have annual average temperatures of 21.7 degrees Centigrade (71 degrees Fahrenheit). The southern regions of the island have annual average temperatures of 24 degrees Centigrade (75 degrees Fahrenheit). The coldest period is from January to March when temperatures drop down to about 10 degrees Centigrade (50 degrees Fahrenheit). On rare occasions mountain peaks may have frost of ice. The hottest period is from June to August with temperatures going as high as 38 degrees Centigrade. Average monthly temperature is around 25 degrees Centigrade (77 degrees Fahrenheit).


Taiwan is generally a humid region. The northern region, middle mountainous region and western region all have plenty of rainfall at different periods. From June to October the island experiences typhoons with July to September being the period when typhoon activity is greatest. May and June are the months with the most rainy days with rains coming mostly as thundershowers in the afternoon. To check the latest updates on typhoon rains in Taiwan check here at

Travelling To Taiwan

We at Taiwan Weather.Net believe that the best time to travel to Taiwan is in December and January. At this time the typhoon effect would have faded and rains will be relatively lower. If you are to travel to the island between the months June to October you are bound to experience some typhoons. However if you have never experienced a typhoon perhaps you could travel to this island in August or September when typhoon activity is high. A typhoon can be a great experience if you are an adventure loving person. December and January are ideal months to visit Taiwan since rainfall will be low. Visiting the island at a time when rains are pretty strong and frequent can be very disturbing if your plan was to see as many parts of the island as possible. December is also a good time because it is at the end of the year. So you can travel to this island to freshen up before you get into a new year and continue with your usual business. By planning your travel to Taiwan well, you will be guaranteed to enjoy your stay on the beautiful island.

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