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Wind increasing. A few clouds from time to time. High 92F. Winds ENE at 20 to 30 mph.

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Taipei Weather

If you have future plans to travel to Taipei perhaps getting a bit of info on the type of climate experienced in this city can help you figure the best time to travel. When touring a place, one of the first things you need to know is the weather of the location. Adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and hurricanes can disturb your travelling plans and if these happen when you have already travelled to the place then you could be in for the most boring tour. We at Taipei Weather.Net always make sure that when you want to travel to Taipei, we will supply you with accurate info on the city's weather and when best to travel. Before we can go into looking at the type of weather experienced in Taipei we have to look at the city geography. A city's geographical location plays a very crucial role in determining its type of climate.


Taipei is located north of Taiwan and is bordered by the Xindian River on the southern side and the Tamsui River on the western side. The central zones of the city are generally low lying while slopes on the south and east can reach 1120 m (3.675 feet) at Cising Mountain which is the highest extinct volcano in Taiwan. At the south east of the city there are the Songshan Hills and the Quingshui Ravine which form a boundary of green woods.


Taipei weather is mostly influenced by a monsoon which causes the city to have a humid subtropical climate. Taipei climate is characterized by hot summers which are humid and are often accompanies by rainstorms and typhoons. Winters are short and mild with lots of fog due to northeasterly winds which blow from the vast Siberian High which causes pooling of cooler air in the Taipei basin. Due to its geographical location, Taipei is affected by the Pacific Ocean and thus has a Pacific typhoon season which is between June and October. For more info on Taipei climate check


Taipei experiences an annual average maximum temperature of 26.6 degrees Centigrade (79.9 degrees Fahrenheit) and an annual average minimum temperature of 20.4 degrees Centigrade (68.7 degrees Fahrenheit). The daily average temperature is 23 degrees Centigrade (73.40 degrees Fahrenheit). July is the hottest month with a monthly average maximum of 34.3 degrees Centigrade (93.7 degrees Fahrenheit) with a daily average of 29.6 degrees Centigrade (85.3 degrees Fahrenheit). The coldest month is January which has a monthly average minimum of 13.9 degrees Centigrade (57 degrees Fahrenheit) and a daily average of 16.1 degrees Centigrade (61 degrees Fahrenheit). For the latest temperature updates in Taipei check here


Taipei climate is almost typical of a tropical climate with significant amounts of rainfall being received throughout the year. The city receives a total of 2,405.1 mm (94.689 inches) per year. The highest amount of rainfall is received between the months June and September. The highest amount of rainfall is received in September, 360.5 mm (14.193 inches). The lowest amount of rainfall is received in December, 73.3 mm (2.886 inches).

Traveling To Taipei

Taipei is generally a rainy place. If you travel to this city without planning well all your vacation plans can be flushed down the drain by the rains. We at Taipei Weather.Net believe that the best time to travel to Taipei is in December when the rains are quite low. You can also travel to this city in November and January as these months also receive relatively low rainfall. December however is the greatest time to travel to this city as the month has a daily temperature average of 17.9 degrees Centigrade (64.2 degrees Fahrenheit). Maximum monthly temperatures for December are at an average of 20.7 degrees Centigrade (69.3 degrees Fahrenheit). Minimum monthly temperatures for December are at an average of 15.6 degrees Centigrade (60.1 degrees Fahrenheit). From this info it is evident that December is quite warm and temperatures are not very hot which makes it an ideal month to visit Taipei. Visiting Taipei during December is lots of fun since this is during the festive season. At this time the year will be ending and people will be in a celebrating mood thus making your stay in Taiwan really worthwhile. Perhaps you could travel towards the end of the year and celebrate New Year in this city. With the warm climate hanging around the beach is guaranteed to be lots of fun.

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