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St. Louis Weather

The metropolitan area of St. Louis is the largest in the state of Missouri and the type of weather you will experience is a mixture of humid sub-tropical and humid continental. There are no mountains anywhere near the city of St. Louis so the city can be affected by air from both the Arctic and even the Gulf of Mexico. There are four seasons which can be recognized in St. Louis weather and they all have something that makes them special. The winters can be very chilly while the summers tend to be hot and humid. The spring and the autumn make the city come to life and give a certain beauty to it. Extreme weather is also a possibility in the city of St. Louis.

How Hot Does It Get?

The city of St. Louis is an area which can get really hot, especially in the summer. The hottest temperature ever recorded in St. Louis weather was 115 Fahrenheit (46 Celsius) and there is a lot of humidity which can make those temperatures feel worse. On average the hottest month of the year is July which reaches an average high temperature of 89.1 Fahrenheit (31.7 Celsius). June and August are not much better. The hot temperatures can extend to the spring and fall but the summers in some cases can be unbearable. For more information on the summer conditions if you travel during that time you should visit St. Louis Weather.Net. You will need light clothing if you visit during the summer.

What About The Winter?

Your typical winter in St. Louis is not too cold, especially when compared to other Midwestern cities. The problem with St. Louis weather is the lack of barriers around the city. Arctic winds can hit and in some cases make the temperatures feel almost extreme. The coldest temperature ever recorded in the city of St. Louis was -22 Fahrenheit (-30 Celsius) but the average low temperature in the coldest month which is January is 23.7 Fahrenheit (-4.6 Celsius). The city of St. Louis sees an average of 17.7 inches (45 centimeters) of snow each year but each year you can get a different amount so we recommend that you visit us at to stay updated during the winter.

Transitional Periods

The spring and the fall in St. Louis weather are known as transitional periods. You will love the city of St. Louis during this time of the year with the exception of the powerful and sometimes severe thunderstorms during the spring. It is not rare to see large hail hitting the city during the spring. On the other hand, the flowers start to bloom and there is a lot more color to St. Louis during the spring. The autumn can be an extension of the summer in the St. Louis area. Sometimes that is due to warm winds coming from the south. You should always check the weather forecast at St. Louis Weather.Net to make sure you know what to bring and what to expect.

Extreme Weather

The springtime in St. Louis tends to see a lot of tornadoes. In fact, the city of St. Louis is one of the metropolitan areas with the highest risk. There have been plenty of tornados in the city's history. In 2011 for example 20 tornados passed within 50 miles of St. Louis including an F2 category tornado which passed 7.14 miles from the city center. In 1959 an F4 tornado passed 2.44 miles away from the city center. If you are traveling to St. Louis during tornado season, we at recommend that you really pay attention to the weather forecast, especially if you are in the middle of a powerful thunderstorm. The city does have a good tornado warning system.

Best Time To Visit

Because of all the different weather conditions that you can experience while in St. Louis, you may be wondering what the best time of the year is to plan your vacation there. The city of St. Louis can be best experienced during the fall season. The reason we suggest that for you is not only that it is a beautiful time but that you also can avoid most of the extreme hot weather. You are also avoiding most of the tornado season. The city also has a lot of fun things to do during October. Who knows, maybe you will be able to catch a Cardinals game as they always seem to be in the hunt for the baseball playoffs.

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