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Shanghai Weather

When it comes to population, no city in the People's Republic of China is as large as Shanghai. The city is located in the east of the country and it is close to the Yellow River Delta. Its weather can be described as humid sub-tropical. Shanghai weather sees four seasons throughout the year with the summer being hot and humid and the winters damp and chilly. On average the city of Shanghai sees close to 9 days when the temperatures go upwards of 35 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit). The weather in the city is affected by several things. One of them is cold winds from Siberia, another one the Pacific Ocean and finally typhoons which can hit the city from time to time starting in the summer.


The summers in Shanghai can be very hot and they feel even worse when you take into consideration the humidity. The hottest month in Shanghai weather is July when the average high temperature is 31.8 Celsius (89.2 Fahrenheit). The average low does not drop that much as it only gets to an average of 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit). The summer is typhoon season in Shanghai so staying updated by visiting should be done when you are visiting. You can also expect quick thunderstorms to happen during the summer. The good news is that the city of Shanghai does receive a lot of sunshine during the summer, especially in the months of July and August. August is the month with the most sunshine.

The Autumn

The autumn sees sunshine hours drop drastically from those that you see in the summer. While you see close to 221 sunshine hours in August, by September that average drops to just under 159. Precipitation is still rather high during the early autumn as typhoon season does not end until September. By the time October shows up the average precipitation is less than half of what the city residents see in September. The temperatures are also great at this time of the year with September seeing an average of 27.2 Celsius (81 Fahrenheit) for a high and 20.6 Celsius (69.1 Fahrenheit) for a low. We at Shanghai Weather.Net love October because the average high temperature is 22.6 Celsius (72.7 Fahrenheit).

The Winter

The winters in Shanghai weather can be really cold because of northern winds which come from Siberia. The coolest month of the year is January with an average low temperature of 1.1 Celsius (34 Fahrenheit). Because of the wind the temperatures can easily drop below zero, especially at night. There is snowfall in the city of Shanghai but it is not as much as you would expect for the type of temperatures that you see. The temperatures really do not start getting warmer until April. In January the city only sees a total of 123 mean sunshine hours every year so it can get gloomy but you also get your fair share of sunny days. The lowest recorded temperature in Shanghai was -12.1 Celsius (10 Fahrenheit).

The Spring

We at love the spring almost as much as we love the autumn. The one difference is that it takes a while for the temperatures to pick up but if you are visiting in the late spring, you can experience some great weather. By April the average high temperature is 19.1 Celsius (66.4 Fahrenheit). At night the average temperature in that same month is 10.9 Celsius (51.6 Fahrenheit). May sees an increase in precipitation especially late in the month but also it sees an increase in sunshine hours. Humidity is pretty stable throughout the spring as it stays at 76 from March through May. It is possible to see hotter temperatures once May arrives but most of the time the temperatures are great.

Other Facts About The Weather In Shanghai

There are some other things that you should know about Shanghai weather and most of them you will find at Shanghai Weather.Net but here is a brief description. It rains a lot in Shanghai; during the year the city sees an average of 1,164.7 millimeters (45.854 inches) of precipitation. Another thing of concern is typhoon season. There has not been one typhoon in recent history which has caused severe damage but Shanghai's location makes it a target for severe storms. Finally when you are in the city of Shanghai, you can also see flooding. That is due to the high amounts of rain and because it is by the Yangtze River Delta which could overflow.

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