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A few passing clouds, otherwise generally clear. Low 59F. Winds light and variable.

Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 82F. Winds light and variable.

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Seoul Weather

The city of Seoul is the largest metropolis in the country of South Korea and its weather is humid continental. In this area that means that the summers are very hot and humid and very wet. The winters, on the other hand, are cold and much dryer. There are four seasons which can be recognized when you visit the city of Seoul and most of the visitors make their way here during the autumn which happens from September through November. Most people recommend that you try to avoid the city of Seoul during the summer, especially in the late part because you will see a lot of rain. From July through August the city will receive 60 percent of the total rainfall each year.

How Much Rain

You may be wondering by now how much rain you will see in your visit to Seoul. As stated earlier the months of July and August will experience the wettest time in Seoul weather. This is due to the East Asian monsoon which starts in June and finishes in August. July is the wettest month of the year and it sees a total of 394.7 millimeters (15.539 inches) of precipitation. August is not far behind with a total of 364.2 millimeters (14.339 inches). Though the monsoon starts in June and ends in August, September experiences more rain than does June. In July and August half of the days will see a considerable amount of rain so check if you need to visit during the summer.

High Temperatures

The summers in the city of Seoul not only give you a lot of rain but they also give you high temperatures. The average high temperature during the month of August is 29.6 Celsius (89.3 Fahrenheit). Because of the humidity it can feel a lot hotter than that and it is not rare to see temperatures that are much higher than the average for several days in a row. That is one of the reasons why a lot of the citizens in Seoul will not complain about the rain in Seoul weather. It is almost a blessing even though it does rain a lot. We at Seoul Weather.Net will join the chorus of people telling you that the summers are not the best time to visit.

What About The Winter

Since we already spoke about the summers in Seoul weather we should also talk about the winter. The winter is usually dry but the temperatures can be very cold. The coldest month of the year is January which has an average high temperature of 1.5 Celsius (34.7 Fahrenheit). The average low temperature is -5.9 Celsius (21.4 Fahrenheit) and it feels as if it is colder than that due to the wind chill. You will see snow if you are visiting Seoul during the winter. In fact, a lot of the visitors and residents alike will enjoy snowboarding, ice skating or skiing. You can find more recommendations on ski conditions at Seoul Weather.Net including average snowfall.


The sunshine that you will see in the city of Seoul is pretty much well distributed throughout the year with the exception of the summer. Seoul is one of those places that will see less sunshine during the summer than during any other time. The month of July for example will only see 120 hours of sunshine as an average each year compared to April which is the sunniest month of the year which has an average of 205 sunshine hours. Throughout the year the city of Seoul will only see 2,066 hours of sunshine as an average. That is due to the big drop during the East Asian monsoon. You will see a lot of sunny days during the spring and the fall.

Best Time To Visit

If you are visiting the city of Seoul for the first time, then you want the best type of weather for your visit. Visiting during the late spring and the middle of the fall will give you the best type of weather. The months of April and May usually give you the best temperatures with a lot less rain than you would see during the summer. The month of October is also great but September sees too much rain to qualify as the best time to visit. We at definitely recommend those times for your visit. If you have to visit at any other time, you should check weather forecasts and stay updated to know what to bring with you.

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