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A clear sky. Low 51F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.

Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. High near 70F. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 mph.

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Seattle Weather

The city of Seattle is located in the state of Washington and it is the largest city in the state. When people think about Seattle weather, the first thing that comes to mind is rain and of course it does rain in the city but there is much more than that. The weather in the city of Seattle is oceanic leaning on temperate marine. The winters tend to be mild but wet and the summers tend to be warm and dry. The weather in the city of Seattle is influenced by the Pacific Ocean and the lakes which are close to it. The Olympic Mountains are close enough that they have an effect on the city's weather. The city is famous for its rain at all times except the summer.

Let's Start With Rain

Because of Seattle's fame as a rainy city, it makes sense to start by talking about the rain. If you are visiting the city during the months of November through March you should not leave your raincoat at home. You can expect to see rain from October to May but it is heavier from November through March. Over the course of a year the city sees an average of 152 rainy days. The average precipitation each year is 37.41 inches (950.2 millimeters). If you are visiting at any time except for the summer, you should get more information at Seattle Weather.Net but either way you should be prepared to see rain in your trip to Seattle.

The Summers In Seattle

If you are visiting during the summer at least you will be able to avoid the rain for the most part but do not expect extremely hot temperatures during your visit. The hottest month is August and the temperatures hover around 75.9 Fahrenheit (24.4 Celsius) as an average. At night those temperatures drop to 55.9 Fahrenheit (13.3 Celsius) so no matter what time of the year you visit even in the summer you will need at least a sweater. Though the temperatures are usually not so bad, they have in the past gotten over 100 Fahrenheit (37.78 Celsius). The hottest temperature ever recorded in the city of Seattle was 103 Fahrenheit (39 Celsius). We at recommend the summer if you can make it here then.

How Cold Does Seattle Get

The good news about visiting the city of Seattle at any time of the year is that the temperatures are usually not that give you an idea of how cold Seattle gets, the coldest temperature ever recorded was 0 Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius). The coldest month of the year is December and the average low temperature is 35.6 Fahrenheit (or 2 Celsius). During that month if you go out during the day you are more likely to see temperatures in the 40s. The average high in December is 45.3 Fahrenheit (7.4 Celsius). We at Seattle Weather.Net recommend that if you are coming to Seattle in the winter you should still bring layers just in case.

Snow In Seattle

As great as Seattle weather is temperature wise, you may be wondering if you are likely to see snow during your visit. The fact is that Seattle does get some snow every year but it is not much. The average snowfall for the entire year is 5.9 inches (or 15 centimeters) with the snowiest month being December which gets 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters) as an average. That means that if you are coming to Seattle during the winter most of the snow that you will see will be artificial decoration. We at have seen snow for the holidays but that is the exception and definitely not the norm. It is too bad that there is no Christmas carol called rainy night.

Best Time To Visit

So now that you know everything that you need to know about Seattle weather you may be wondering about the best time to visit. The summers are by far the best time to make your way to the Emerald City. The main reason for that is that there is a lot less rain during this time of the year. The temperatures are also amazing and you should not feel too hot when you get here. The amount of rain that you get in July and August does not even get to an inch (25.4 millimeters) in each one of the months. By comparison, if you were to visit in January you would see 5.56 inches (141.2 millimeters) but anytime is great to visit.

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