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Rain showers early becoming a steady light rain overnight. Low 54F. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Cloudy. Periods of light rain early. High 63F. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 70%.

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Scotland Weather

There are certain times when you plan a vacation way in advance only to travel to the place at a time when the weather there is not very favorable. Imagine traveling to Scotland only for your trip to be spoilt by heavy rains. Well if you make your plans in such a way that you travel there during the months when rainfall is at an average low as compared to other rainy months. We at Scotland Weather.Net make sure we supply you with all the necessary information on Scotland weather so you can travel to this place at the perfect time.

Scotland Climate

The climate of Scotland is temperate. Scotland weather is mostly influenced by the Gulf Stream from the Atlantic.


Rainfall varies across the rest of Scotland. The highlands located in the west receive the most rainfall and are among the wettest places in Europe with annual rainfall recording at 4577 mm (180.2 inches). The western highlands are mountainous which causes orographic precipitation which causes warm air to rise and condense as it cools when it comes into contact with the mountains. This results in the formation of clouds. Regions located to the east of Scotland receive less rainfall with an annual average of 870 mm (34.3 inches). The eastern regions receive less rainfall since they lie in the rain shadow of the highlands located in the western regions. For regions located closer to the coast such as the coasts of Lothian, Angus and Aberdeenshire receive about 550 mm (21.7 inches) of rainfall. For more info on Scotland rainfall and the number of rainy days per month check here

Sunny Days

Scotland is very popular for cloudy days. Cloudy days are very common during the short winter period. The maximum number of sunshine hours per month is 329. The city of Dundee receives the most sunshine than any other place in Scotland. Scotland experiences a day when there is no complete darkness. Lerwick, Shetland receives about 4 hours more daylight in midsummer than London and the reverse if through during midwinter. Sunshine hours vary depending on region with the highlands located in the north-west receiving as little as 711 - 1140 hours of sunshine per annum, while the far eastern and south-western coasts receive 1471 - 1540 hours of sunshine. For the whole of Scotland, average sunshine hours received per annum are 1160 which means that Scotland receives sunshine for just 25% of the time.


Scotland experiences regular winds and clouds throughout the year. The winds are mostly caused by eastward moving Atlantic depressions. These winds bring warm and wet air from the Atlantic. Areas like Orkney and Shetland are considered to be the windiest places in Scotland. European windstorms are very common during autumn and winter. To check for updates on wind conditions in Scotland check

Touring Scotland

Scotland is a great place to travel to because it has some great mountains and a wide variety of animals among which include seals, gannets and the golden eagle which is used as a national icon. There is so much to see in Scotland and travelling there is as good as spoiling yourself with a treat. However, before you travel to Scotland there are many things you have to put into consideration when you are planning your travel. Checking the weather is very important as well as planning which part of Scotland you are going to go to and when you will go there. Many people don't take the time to consider some of these things. All they worry about is the availability of funds to finance the tour. At Scotland Weather.Net we understand that in order for a vacation or tour to be successful one has to travel at the right time. The only way you can determine when best to travel to a place is if you look at the climate of that place. By looking at the climate you will be able to prepare all the things you will need. For instance, since Scotland is a rainy place it may be necessary to carry along an umbrella with you. Failure to plan your travel well can destroy all your plans and waste your money as well as time. However if you stop guessing how Scotland weather is and you look for accurate climatic info on this country you will have no problems at all.

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