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Mostly clear. Low 58F. Winds light and variable.

Partly cloudy skies. High 91F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph.

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San Jose Weather

If you're looking to travel it's a great idea to get a glimpse at what the weather will be like. This can help you plan on what to bring as well as plan your activities while traveling. A favored spot for many travelers is California and Jan Jose is one of the most popular destinations. San Jose is the third largest city in California. It is surrounded by mountain on three sides which offer a protective barrier from much of the precipitation it would receive. For this reason, San Jose remains dry most of the year. There are many people who will tell you the heat is very bearable simply because it is a dry heat. The city is located south of the San Francisco Bay, in the Santa Clara Valley. A small portion of the city's northern border is coastline on the bay. The city offers ease of access to desert, snowcapped mountains, and Pacific coast. The weather is perfect in San Jose for your preferred outdoor activity.

So Many Sunny Days In San Jose

The sun is a frequent visitor in San Jose. The longest day of the year is June 20 when the sun shines for nearly 15 hours. The shortest day of the year, December 21, maintains a solid 9.5 hours of sunshine. It is estimated that the city sees sunshine over 300 days of the year, with fewer than 50 rainy days. This can make it an ideal vacation spot as it's very easy to plan your activities around this kind of weather. This pleasant weather draws a lot of travelers and retirees. The rain season in San Jose spans from November through April, where it still only accumulates approximately 15 inches of rain annually. These months, marking the winter and spring months are the only months of the year a resident or visitor of San Jose should expect to see green vegetation. For this reason there are some people who get a little homesick for places that have beautiful, green vegetation. The rest of the year is characterized by golden hills full of dead grass, leaving the summer in San Jose at a risk for brush fires. This is why there are many, well-manned fire stations at the ready to aid in case of a fire. It is also why it is critical if you're camping that you are very cautious with any fires you start.

Consistent Climate Makes Predictability Easy

The weather in San Jose does not vary much from day to day. For up to the minute weather information, check here anytime at The average highs and lows in San Jose only span a 20 degree change. The average yearly high is 73 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest temperatures generally occurring in July and August, can typically reach the mid 80's Fahrenheit. The average yearly low is 52 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest months of the year in San Jose are generally December and January where the temperature can reach as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit on a given day. The coldest day in recorded San Jose history was 17 degrees Fahrenheit. It occurred in January 1920. It is not common for days to get this cold in San Jose. For those of you who are looking to move to an area where you don't have to deal with winter this may be the perfect solution. The hottest recorded day in history in San Jose was 114 degrees Fahrenheit, occurring in June of 1961. This is also a rare occurrence in the valley city. San Jose's climate is relatively stable, boasting mild winters and reasonably comfortable summers. If you aren't a fan of warm, sunny weather you may like to look for a different spot to move or vacation to.

A Warm Environment With Low Humidity

The climate in San Jose is warm and arid. We here at Weather.Net recommend a visit during late April and into May for those looking to see the city when it is still surround by the green grasses and plant life on the mountains. If you are looking for the golden view of San Jose and want to avoid the rain season you should plan your visit during late September and into October. The weather is pretty hot and air can feel thick during the high peak summer season, from June through September. The rain season will run from November through April, although there is not a lot of rain to be expected even during these months.

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