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Partly cloudy skies. Low 54F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.

Sun and a few passing clouds. High 64F. Winds NW at 15 to 25 mph. Higher wind gusts possible.

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San Francisco Weather

The city of San Francisco is located on the west of California in the United States. Its location allows the city of San Francisco to have some of the best weather year round in the country. If you wanted to describe the weather year round you could say that the mornings are cool while the temperatures mid-day reach the 70s Fahrenheit and foggy both in the morning and in the evening. San Francisco weather is not necessarily beach weather, at least not year round. In fact, the average high temperatures are only in the 70s Fahrenheit in two months of the year and that is September and October. The hottest month of the year is September which reaches an average high temperature of 71.3 Fahrenheit (21.8 Celsius).


The topography of the city of San Francisco will allow you to experience several microclimates. The higher you get in the hills, the higher the chance of fog. The people who live on the east side of the city actually get a lot more sun than those who live on the west. Rain is also different depending on where in the city you are located. The high hills of San Francisco will actually see a difference of up to 20 percent of rain when compared to the lower parts. The hills also help to keep the fog out of the east of the city and the wind is actually stronger on the eastern side as well. gives you all the information you need on these microclimates.

Cool City

As stated earlier the city does not reach an average high temperature over 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) on ten out of the twelve months so San Francisco weather is usually cool. The average low temperatures hover around 46.2 Fahrenheit (7.9 Celsius) on the coolest month which is January and the average low temperature in the hottest month which is September is only 55.7 Fahrenheit (13.2 Celsius). The good news is that even though the city is usually cool, it does not reach the freezing mark much. The coldest temperature ever recorded in San Francisco is 27 Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius). Whenever you visit, you will need to wear at least a sweater if you are going out at night.

Hottest Temperatures

The temperatures in the city of San Francisco go above 75 Fahrenheit (24 Celsius) about 28 days each year. That is not much considering it is located in a state which is known for its hot weather. The mercury has gone up in the past but it is nothing that you could not survive. The hottest temperature ever recorded was 103 Fahrenheit (39 Celsius). The hot days of the summer, if you can call them that, are also dry with an average precipitation from June through September of 4.5 days. You do, however, get some fog and mist early in the morning so check San Francisco Weather.Net for any updates about that type of San Francisco weather to avoid any delays.

What About Sunshine?

The city of San Francisco gets a good amount of sunshine each year. In fact the average yearly sunshine hours are 3,061.7. The sunniest month of the year is May which sees an average of 325.1 hours. That makes visiting San Francisco one really enjoyable vacation. We at are glad to tell you that the lowest month when it comes to sunshine hours is December and that average is 160.6 so if you think you are going to get a lot of gloomy days because of the fog, you are wrong even in the winter months. Through the summer you will not see any month with fewer than 287 hours of sunshine so visiting San Fran in the summer is a lovely experience.

Best Time To Visit

With the great temperatures in San Francisco year round it is difficult to point out any time of the year in which you will not have a great time. The summers in the city by the bay are probably the best time to visit. In fact, if you visit anytime from May through October you will have amazing weather outdoors with little to no rain. Rain does happen from November through March with the rainiest month being December. The summer is therefore the best absolute time to visit San Francisco. We at San Francisco Weather.Net recommend that you bring a camera and a lot of memory cards because you will spend a lot of time outside during your visit to San Francisco.

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