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Mostly clear. Low 67F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

A few clouds from time to time. High 69F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.

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San Diego Weather

San Diego is in what is known as the sunshine state of California and is described as having almost perfect weather all year round. The climate is categorized as Semi-arid. It is also referred to as arid-Mediterranean as it is similar to the Mediterranean climate and usually dryer. The summer months are warm to hot with hardly any rain. The winter months can be cool to warm. January and February are usually the wettest months and an umbrella and a light coat/jacket is all that is required. Late August and September are typically the hottest months. Over 300 sunny days occur in San Diego each year. From June through to August are the most popular times to visit for tourists. So if you prefer a less crowded experience, visit at spring or fall times. The weather will still be just as good. Be sure to go to for up to date weather information.


August has the hottest days of the year with average daily highs reaching 77 Fahrenheit (25 Celsius) and night time lows of 67 Fahrenheit (19 Celsius). The coldest days occur in December when low temperatures reach an average of 48 Fahrenheit (9 Celsius) with the highest temperature reaching an average of 64 Fahrenheit (18 Celsius). The annual average monthly high temperature is 77 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) and the average monthly low 58 Fahrenheit (13 Celsius).

Best Time To Visit

Any time of the year is great to visit. There is no bad time. Spend Christmas Day at the beach. Late summer, early autumn is the hottest time of year, with temperatures sometimes reaching 90 Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) and above. For those who think that is too hot, December, January and February are the coolest months to visit. Locals often refer to May gray and June gloom, meaning the fog has difficulty clearing on the coast in those months. June is also the driest month of the year but gets the least sun hence June gloom. Keep up to date with the current weather forecast at


Hurricanes are a rare occurrence in San Diego. Only three have been recorded, San Diego Hurricane in 1838, California tropical storm 1939 and Hurricane Kathleen in 1976. Though San Diego is within the hurricane zone, the Californian ocean waters are colder than the waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of this any hurricanes heading northwards disperse over Baja California.

Santa Anas

Warm winds coming from the desert sometimes reach San Diego between September and February. They are usually dry and hot winds, sometimes hotter than the desert. These weather conditions are known as Santa Anas. Winds can reach up to 40mph on the coast and in the mountains up to 100mph.

Rain And Snow

In winter only a lightweight mac or jacket is sufficient. Rain occurs in the winter months. The summer months barely has any rain at all. Records show that the most rainfall in a 24 hour period was on April 5th 1926 consisting of 3.23 inches (8.2 cm). Typically the weather is usually quite pleasing just before and after a rainfall. Rain doesn't last long in the winter, about 12-24 hours at the most. Very light snow is common on the mountains above 3,000-4,000 feet. However it has only fallen in the area 5 times in the past 125 years. The last time snow fell in San Diego was in 2008. The average annual snowfall is 0 inches compared to the rest of the countries annual average at 24.2 inches (610 cm).


The weather can differ greatly within a few short miles. Especially during the May gray and June gloom months, the thick low clouds on the coast can be a vast difference to the clear blue skies a few miles further inland.

The Weather by Months

December to March - is usually mild and pleasant with some rain. Shorts and t shirts can still be worn on some days too.

April to June - is warmer and some light rain may be experienced in March and early April with the low clouds, especially at the coast, coming in May and June. There may be some periods where the sun is shining for up to 2 weeks. There may be other periods when there is no sun at all, just cloudy skies lasting for up to 2 weeks also.

July to September - is the best time weather wise. Rain is apparently non-existent, with clear sunny days and the temperature is warm to hot. Beachwear is a must.

October to November - can sometimes be varied, usually still quite warm. Sometimes the rain may start from November. The weather is still okay to visit the coast wearing shorts and t shirts.

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