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Mainly clear. Low 57F. Winds light and variable.

Abundant sunshine. High 87F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph.

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San Antonio Weather

The city of San Antonio is the seventh most populated city in the country and yet it is not the most populated one in Texas. The weather in San Antonio qualifies as humid sub-tropical though most people would have thought it was arid. The summers in San Antonio are hot. In fact they can be scalding hot while the winters tend to be more on the mild side. Most people do not realize this but it actually snows in San Antonio and it does so almost every year but not that much. San Antonio weather is influenced by the Gulf of Mexico and its latitude in the south of the United States. Even with those influences, the weather in the city can be predictable.

How Hot Is It?

At San Antonio Weather.Net we like to tell people that there is no wrong time to visit San Antonio but that is our selfish opinion. The fact is that the summers can be the time of the year when you should probably avoid doing anything outside. It is not that the temperatures can reach extreme numbers; in fact the hottest temperature ever is only 111 Fahrenheit (44 Celsius). The problem is that the temperatures are hot all the time. There is no real break in them. There is some rain which happens during the summer and that is seen as a blessing but is usually not enough. Humidity can also be brutal so experiencing the summers in San Antonio requires some bravery.

How Cold Does It Get?

The weather in San Antonio is usually mild in the winter months but it can in some cases get cold. The coldest temperature ever is 0 Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius) which for this area is very cold. On average the coolest month is January which sees an average low temperature of 40.7 Fahrenheit (4.8 Celsius). The city sees an average of 0.7 inches (1.8 centimeters) of snow each year, most of it falling during January. Though most of the snow falls in January, February will see slightly more snowy days. You should not be afraid of that because by snowy days it means probably one day with more minutes of snow. You should still see a lot of sunshine in San Antonio weather winter.


The one thing that can affect San Antonio weather is floods. In fact in North America there are few areas which are more flood-prone than San Antonio. Because of this you should always remain on the alert by looking at especially if heavy rains are on the forecast. The rainiest month of the year is June which sees an average of 4.01 inches (or 101.9 millimeters) of rain. Special attention should be given to tropical weather systems during hurricane season. Being that the Gulf of Mexico is close by storms in this area can be a little strong and bring a lot of rain. The driest month is January which sees only 1.76 inches (or 44.7 millimeters) of rain each year.


When you talk about sunshine that is where the city of San Antonio gets really good. On average San Antonio will see 300 days of sunshine each year. That makes your chances of a great vacation in San Antonio that much better. During the month of July alone the city of San Antonio will see an average of 310 sunshine hours with August not so far behind with a total of 294.5. The months with the least amount of sunshine are December and January in that order. December sees only 148.8 hours of sunshine and January 158.1. As you can tell, even in the winter months the sunshine hour average is not bad at all. For the occasional rainy day or flurries check

Best Time To Visit

Most of the tourist traffic that comes into San Antonio comes in the summer but that is not necessarily the best time to visit the city. From June through September the temperatures do not go below 90.4 Fahrenheit (32.4 Celsius) as an average high. That means that if you are planning to visit the sights, you will be sweating a lot. The best times to visit would be during the month of April when the temperatures range between a low of 58.2 Fahrenheit (14.6 Celsius) and a high of 80.7 Fahrenheit (27.1 Celsius) and the late fall. During the months of October and November the temperatures are amazing during the day and a bit chilly at night. For more information visit us at San Antonio Weather.Net.

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