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Mostly clear. Low 57F. Winds light and variable.

Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 98F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.

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The California Weather Of Sacramento

Sacramento is the capital of the state of California and the weather in the city is Mediterranean climate. The winters are mild but damp and the summers are dry and hot. There is a wet season in Sacramento weather and it usually starts in October and it goes all the way through April. You might see some rain during the summer but it is usually light. Another thing that you can experience in Sacramento is fog which happens usually in the cool mornings during the winter. The fog which forms in the city during the mornings can be very dense and affect traveling conditions. Snow can happen in the city of Sacramento but it is very rare. The lack of snow is due to Sacramento's altitude.

Clear Skies

We at Sacramento Weather.Net will not be the only ones to rave about Sacramento weather. Most of the people in the city love what they see in regards to climate. Clear skies seem to always be above the city and if the temperature happens to drop below the 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21.1 Celsius) mark then everyone will complain about the freezing temperatures as if they were in the middle of the winter in Alaska. That type of weather makes Sacramento one of the best places to visit from April through October. The temperatures do drop from November to March and this is when people walk around with coats even though the lowest temperature during the daytime is an average of 54.3 Fahrenheit (12.4 Celsius).

How Cold Can It Get?

The city of Sacramento has some of the best weather that you could ask for but during December the temperatures at night can be cold with an average low of 38.5 Fahrenheit (3.6 Celsius). These types of temperatures are not the norm as they only happen late at night. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Sacramento was 17 Fahrenheit (-8 Celsius) so do not expect to experience the worst weather cold-wise during the winter, but if you need to, check us out at If you are visiting the city of Sacramento during the winter you will still find plenty of outdoor activities but during the daytime you might need a sweater and at night you will need a coat.

The Hot Summers

As you already know, the city does not get that cold but what about the other extremes? Do you really get that hot in Sacramento? The answer to that is yes. Sacramento can get really hot in the summer and humidity is fairly high. During the month of July, the average high temperature is 92.4 Fahrenheit (33.6 Celsius). At night the temperatures drop a lot with an average low of 58.6 Fahrenheit (14.8 Celsius). If you are going to see any extreme weather in Sacramento, it will be the high temperatures. The record high is 114 Fahrenheit (46 Celsius) plus humidity. The recommendation from Sacramento Weather.Net is that if you can avoid visiting in July and August, you should do so.

Get Ready For The Sun

One thing that you will see a lot of in your visit to Sacramento is sunshine hours. Each year the city of Sacramento sees an average of 3,613.7 mean sunshine hours. The summers are sunny almost more than anywhere else in the country. In July the number of average sunshine hours is 440.2. The month with the least amount of sun in Sacramento weather is December and the number is still something that will make those in the Midwest jealous with 142 mean sunshine hours for the month. You can attribute the sunshine to the lack of rain from May through October. In fact, in July there is really no precipitation at all as the average is too small to even compute.

Best Time To Visit

The city of Sacramento is almost spoiled with great weather so most of the year, we at are proud to say that you will find great weather; July and August probably being the only exception. Those two months see temperatures that are just too high to really enjoy any outdoor activities. If you want to avoid cooler temperatures then you should try to make your visit during the late fall and the early spring. Both of those times have great temperatures that go up to the 70s Fahrenheit (20s Celsius) during the day and are not too cold at night. You will see less rain during the fall which makes it our recommendation for the best time to visit.

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