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Cloudy. Low 48F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.

Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High 66F. Winds NW at 15 to 25 mph.

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Regina Weather

The city of Regina is located in Saskatchewan and in fact, it is the capital city of the province. The city is located in the southeast of the province and its weather can be called humid continental. The summers are warm while the winters are long, dry and cold. Regina weather can see weather extremes all year round with hot temperatures which can be made to feel worse due to humidity. Snow can be seen as early as September and as late as May giving you only three months clear of snow. The problem is that those three months have temperatures that are higher than others in the same latitude. Precipitation is also heaviest in the summer months with the rainiest month of the year being June.

Weather Extremes

As stated earlier you can get extremes in temperature when you are experiencing Regina weather. Because of that you should always check to stay updated. Though the hottest month is July which sees an average high temperature of 25.7 Celsius (78.3 Fahrenheit) the temperatures can be much higher than that. The record high temperature in the city of Regina is 43.3 Celsius (109.9 Fahrenheit). When you factor in the humidity it feels a lot hotter than that. The cold temperatures are the other type of extreme that you see and the coolest month is January which sees an average high of -10.7 Celsius (2.8 Fahrenheit). The coldest temperature ever registered in Regina is a bitterly cold -50 Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit).

Snow In Regina

The city of Regina sees an average of 105.9 centimeters (41.69 inches) of snow every year with the snowiest month being December. The city can see snow as early as September as it has a 1.1 centimeter (0.43 inches) of snow in that month. May, which is the last month in which you could see snow, does get 3 centimeters (1.18 inches) of snow every year. If you are visiting at any time from September through May you should consult Regina Weather.Net for any possible updates. Keep in mind that airport closings are also a possibility during the winter because of the snow. The city, however, has a very good snow clean-up system so you should be able to move around even when it is snowing.

Summers Can Be Cool

There are two ways in which the summers in Regina can be cool: they are a great time to visit for doing cool activities outside but it can also be cool temperature-wise. During the month of June the average low temperature is only 9.6 Celsius (49.3 Fahrenheit). The record low temperature for that same month is -5.6 Celsius (21.9 Fahrenheit). That is the coolest record temperature for the summer months. During July there is also a record low temperature of below freezing which was -2.2 Celsius (28 Fahrenheit) and keep in mind that July is the hottest month in Regina. You should visit us before your trip to ensure that you are packing the necessary items.

Other Weather Facts

The city of Regina does see a fair amount of sunshine hours, especially during the summer. Throughout the year, Regina weather will see 2,338.4 mean sunshine hours with July getting the biggest bulk of them with 331.7. December is gloomy; it only sees an average of 84.7 mean sunshine hours every year. Most of the rain will fall during the month of June which sees an average of 12.8 day of precipitation totaling 75.1 millimeters (or 2.957 inches) of precipitation. Other facts about Regina weather can be found at Regina Weather.Net so check the website for more information. The wind chill is also a factor except in the summer months of June through August. Humidity is relatively high throughout the whole year.

Best Time To Visit

If you are visiting the city of Regina you should do so in the late spring or the early fall. The city sees a good quantity of tourism but it is mostly during the summer. The thing is that the summers can be too hot and humid. Visiting during the late spring and the early fall will not only give you smaller crowds but it will also give you the best weather. If you are visiting in the month of May the average high temperature is 18.8 Celsius (65.8 Fahrenheit) while at night the average low temperature drops to 4.6 Celsius (40.3 Fahrenheit). During the month of September the temperature is very similar with an average high of 18.7 Celsius (65.7 Fahrenheit) and a low of 4.6 Celsius (40.3 Fahrenheit).

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