Today in Queenstown, New Zealand

Cloudy skies with periods of rain late. Low 34F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

Showers in the morning, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. High 42F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

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Rain Late


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  • Tonight Rain Late
  • Tomorrow AM Showers
  • Tomorrow night Rain
  • Saturday Rain/Snow
  • Saturday night Snow Showers
  • Sunday R/S Showers
  • Sunday night P Cloudy
  • Monday M Sunny
  • Monday night P Cloudy
  • Tuesday PM Showers

Queenstown Weather

Queenstown is located in the southern island of New Zealand and is one of the most visited resort towns in the country. Queenstown weather is affected by its latitude and altitude. One of the strange things about the weather in the city of Queenstown is that despite its altitude it is still oceanic climate. The pictures which you may have seen of Queenstown are not the ocean but rather the lakes which are close to the city. The summers have longer than average days and sometimes can reach 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). The winters, on the other hand, tend to be cold with very low temperatures. It is not rare for the area to get snowfall but you will not see the city covered in snow through the year.

The Summers In Queenstown

The first thing that you need to know about Queenstown is that it is located in the southern hemisphere. That means that if you are traveling from any location in the northern hemisphere you will find the seasons switched around. Usually the summers (which go from December through February) are mild with the hottest month of the year being February at an average high of 22.7 Celsius (72.9 Fahrenheit). Precipitation is very similar through the year and the city does get its fair amount during the summer so check current conditions at Queenstown Weather.Net. Queenstown weather at night can cool down a lot even in the summer. In February, the average low temperature is 10.6 Celsius (51.1 Fahrenheit).

Precipitation During The Year

Queenstown weather does not exhibit a defined rainy season. In fact, throughout the year the totals remain pretty close to the same every month. The rainiest month of the year is October when Queenstown gets 95 millimeters (3.74 inches) of rain. The driest month is February with an average of 58 millimeters (2.28 inches). Every other month will experience rain so we at suggest bringing at least some rain gear. The city of Queenstown actually gets more rain than other cities which are nearby such as Alexandra and Cromwell and with the temperatures which never get too hot that rain can be cool. The good news is that experiencing days without rain ever stopping is rare so enjoy your holiday.

The Winters In Queenstown

The winter in Queenstown takes place in the months of June, July and August. Because of the altitude the weather tends to be very cool. The average low temperature in July, the coldest month, is 0.1 Celsius (32.2 Fahrenheit). That is the average temperature at night so sometimes because of the wind and drops in temperature in can feel much colder than that. During the daytime the same month of July gets Queenstown weather at a temperature of 8.2 Celsius (46.8 Fahrenheit). Because of the cool temperatures, we at Queenstown Weather.Net recommend that you bring a coat if you are looking to visit during the winter. Keep in mind that it is very likely that you will also see snow.

Weather Records

As it is with any city the climate or temperature averages are not exactly what you would always see. Sometimes the temperature can skyrocket while other times it can drop when you least expect it. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Queenstown is 37.3 Celsius (99.14 Fahrenheit) while the coolest temperature ever in the city is -6.7 Celsius (19.94 Fahrenheit). Rain can really drop sometimes and the highest amount in a single month for Queenstown is 525.8 millimeters (20.701 inches). You are not likely to see those temperatures or type of rainfall but that is why it is so important to check the daily and extended forecast by using before and during your trip. Temperature spikes do not tend to last long here.

Best Time To Visit

Queenstown is a beautiful place to visit no matter when you choose to pack your bags and come but of course to get the most out of your vacation you should try to visit during the summer. The temperatures during that time of the year are great and the view is amazing. Rain is a non-factor when choosing when to visit Queenstown as rain happens every month of the year. The selection of the summer as the best time to visit should not affect your decision of trying to visit during the winter as well. The mountains do get covered with snow and the city is always alive. Queenstown really is a yearlong destination for any visitor to the city.

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