Today in Prague, Czech Republic

Partly cloudy skies this evening will become overcast overnight. Cool. Low around 55F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.

Mostly cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later in the day. High 66F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.

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Prague Weather

The city of Prague is one of the most tourist friendly cities in the world. It is no wonder; the city is beautiful no matter what time of the year you visit. Prague weather is borderline oceanic with winters which are cold with little sunshine and summers which are sunny and very nice. The nighttime during the summer can be cool and sometimes that means that you will need a sweater. The good news is that rain is almost a non-factor though the summer can see heavy showers. Of course the rain is low when compared to other cities in Europe. Paris and London for example both have much rainier weather than Prague. If you want the most sunshine, then visiting during the summer is the answer.

The Summer

Nobody likes to go somewhere and walk around in extreme heat and the good news is that Prague weather rarely gives you the super-hot temperatures. We at proudly will tell you that Prague has great summers. The trees and all the flowers are in bloom and everybody from locals to tourists enjoys outdoor activities. There are only two things that you may not enjoy as much during the summer. The first one is that you are more likely to see strong showers during the season and the second one is that the city is usually packed. The city sees a lot of the student tourists during this time of the year but the weather you will encounter will make it all worth it.

The Fall

The autumn in Prague weather is one of the best times to visit the city. For one the crowds thin out and the temperatures cool a bit. Visiting the city of Prague in the early autumn can be a breathtaking experience. During the late autumn, the city does get foggy and a bit gray but September and October will allow you to do almost the same things you would in the summer with less wait. The gardens and parks start seeing the changes in the colors and the look of the city just makes it seem as if it were a postcard. If you want to avoid winter type weather, check Prague Weather.Net as it can start as early as November.

The Winter

There are positives and negatives about Prague weather in the winter. The skies are usually gray and you will have a hard time finding the sun. The good news is that the tourists are nowhere to be found and it is not as if Prague loses its charm. There are cross-country trails and ski slopes close by so that may be a reason to visit the city. At we also would like to let you know that the tourists do come during the holiday season. If you are visiting Prague during the winter make sure to pack a warm jacket, hat, warm socks, gloves and winter shoes especially if you plan on sightseeing. January is the coolest month with temperatures reaching -3 Celsius (26 Fahrenheit).

The Spring

During the spring the city of Prague just comes back to life. You will start seeing more outdoor events but not until April. April and especially May will offer better temperatures for tourists and definitely more sunshine. Rain does fall during the spring but not so much that you should stay away. By the time May arrives, the temperatures get as high as 19 Celsius (67 Fahrenheit) an as low as 8 Celsius (or 47 Fahrenheit). May does get about 77.2 millimeters (or 3.039 inches) of rain but April sees almost half that with only 38.2 millimeters (or 1.504 inches). The reason people visit during April is because finally the sun starts coming out over the city of Prague.

Weather Averages

The weather averages which you will be able to find at Prague Weather.Net will paint a picture of beautiful weather most of the year. The hottest month of the year is July when the temperature reaches an average high of 24.7 Celsius (76.5 Fahrenheit). Keep in mind, however that there is a fair amount of humidity and rain during this time of the year. The coolest month of the year is January which sees an average low temperature of 4.6 Celsius (23.7 Fahrenheit). January only sees about 49.6 mean monthly sunshine hours so the city can be gloomy. Throughout the year the city of Prague will see an average of 525.8 millimeters (or 20.701 inches) of rain through 91 days average of precipitation.

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