Today’s weather in Portugal

Portugal Weather

The country of Portugal experiences Mediterranean climate with some semi-arid climate areas towards the east. The country is one of the warmest in the European continent with an annual temperature in the mainland which can be 12 Celsius (53.6 Fahrenheit) in the mountains to the north while in the south, those temperatures change to an annual average of 18 Celsius (64.4 Fahrenheit). The average amount of rain that you will experience depends on where in the country you are with some areas seeing close to 3,000 millimeters (118.1 inches) while others get under 300 millimeters (11.8 inches) throughout the year. The highest temperature ever recorded in Portugal weather was 47.4 Celsius (117 Fahrenheit) and it was recorded Amareleja but on average that is not the hottest location.

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