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Portland Weather

So when you hear about Portland weather, the first thing people will tell you is that it rains. It is a fact of life that it rains in Portland, but the city receives less precipitation than other cities in the country such as Houston, Atlanta and Seattle. The average yearly rainfall is only 37 inches which is a decent amount but not a good excuse to know the city only for its rain. You can expect rain in the city of Portland during the winter months. The rain is heaviest from the months of November through February. Sometimes you will see snow. The higher elevations are the ones that see most of the snow. If you are downtown, then you will not see more than 2 inches each time.

Type Of Climate

Rose City as it is known is located on the north of the state of Oregon. It is close to the coast and it experiences oceanic temperate climate. The winters are damp while the summers are mostly dry. The city is in the sub-tropical zone which is also known as cool Mediterranean. Portland weather is affected by its latitude and its closeness to the Pacific Ocean. Most of the time, the summers in Portland are a great time to visit as they are sunny and mostly warm. Sometimes the rain can fall but it is usually a quick passing shower. If the sea breeze is absent the city of Portland can experience some heat waves so check

Summers In Portland

The temperatures in the city of Portland during the summer are usually not that bad with the hottest month being August with an average high temperature of 80.1 Fahrenheit (or 26.7 Celsius). At night the temperature drops to an average of 58 Fahrenheit (14.4 Celsius). During the summer months the highest temperature ever recorded is 107 Fahrenheit (or 42 Celsius). We at Portland Weather.Net believe that if you want to visit and experience the least amount of rain, you should come during August as it only has an average of 3.9 precipitation days on that month. The lowest temperature ever recorded during the summer months was 39 Fahrenheit (4 Celsius) but that is not the norm; it is an exception. Humidity can be high.


The winters in the city of Portland are mild, especially when you compare them to other cities in the country. The coolest month is December and the average high temperature is 45.5 Fahrenheit (7.5 Celsius) with the average low of 36.2 Fahrenheit (2.3 Celsius). The record low temperature is -3 Fahrenheit (or -19 Celsius). It does snow in the city of Portland, but the amounts are nothing to write home about. The month which sees the most snow is February and it is only 1.2 inches (or 3 centimeters). Throughout the year the average snowfall is only 2.4 inches (or 6.1 centimeters). Visit if you need to know the amount of rain that you can expect as this is the rainy season.

Rain And Fog

Since a lot of people think of the rain when they come to the city of Portland, it is only fair to talk about it. As stated earlier most of the rain will fall during the winter but the spring and the fall also see their fair share of rain. The rain often times is just a drizzle but the drizzle may last for a few days. The heavier rainy days happen during the winter. Fog is another thing that you will probably see when you visit the city of Portland and we at Portland Weather.Net can tell you that when the fog combines with the drizzle, it can make for one lousy day. Sunny days happen as much as rainy days do in the winter.

Best Time To Visit

Since you are reading this article you probably have plans to visit the city. The best time to do so is in the summer; the reason being that the days are usually mild and night temperatures drop enough to forget about the hot day. The summer is also the time of the year when you can almost forget about the rain and there are a lot of things to do in the outdoors. No matter what time of the year you visit, however, it is also a good idea to be ready for the rain. Most of the people in the city will not carry an umbrella, but if you are not used to Portland weather, you should.

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