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Clear skies. Low 72F. Winds light and variable.

Mostly sunny skies. High 101F. ESE winds shifting to SW at 10 to 15 mph.

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Phoenix Weather

When it comes to Phoenix weather, it seems that everybody knows that it is hot so the main question is usually not what kind of temperature you get but how hot it gets. The weather in the city of Phoenix is not hot year round. In fact there are sometimes when the climate is perfect for visiting. If you are visiting in the summer, however, the temperatures can be unforgiving. It is not unheard of to see temperatures as high as 120 Fahrenheit (48.89 Celsius). In some cases a heat wave will have those temperatures for several days in a row. Because the weather is sub-tropical desert, you will not get much rain when you are in the city. Winters are warm and summers hot.

How Hot Does It Get?

If you need to be in the city of Phoenix during the summer months, then you are in for some really hot weather. The average high temperature in July, just to give you an idea is 106.2 Fahrenheit (or 41.2 Celsius). That is not the highest temperature for a day; that is the average temperature for the month. June and August do not get much better either with June having an average high temperature of 104.1 Fahrenheit (40.1 Celsius) while August has 104.5 Fahrenheit (40.3 Celsius). The good news is that at least there is not much humidity in the city of Phoenix, but with those high temperatures it almost does not make a difference. Visiting makes sense during the summer.

What To Avoid During The Summer Months

Because of the extreme hot temperatures during the Phoenix weather summer months; we at Phoenix Weather.Net recommend that you avoid outdoor activities which require physical exertion. The good thing about the city of Phoenix is that due to the high temperatures, you will not have a problem finding a shelter to cool down under. If you are indoors you will probably always have an air conditioner. The same applies to car rentals. It is also known that even the winter months can have some hot temperatures. That is why it is as close to impossible as can be to find car rentals or hotel rooms which do not have air conditioning. Whenever you come, you will need light clothing.

Is The Winter Any Relief?

Visiting the city of Phoenix during the winter is probably your best bet to not feel the extreme temperatures but in some cases the temperature has gone up to the upper 80s Fahrenheit. The record high temperature during the month of December is 87 Fahrenheit (31 Celsius). The problem is that those temperatures can also drop a lot so you need to be ready for both. The record low temperature in the city of Phoenix is 16 Fahrenheit (-9 Celsius). Due to the possible changes in temperature during the winter you should stay updated by using The winter is simply too unpredictable to not do research before your visit. You might need light clothing or a heavy coat.

Dust Storms

One of the ways to make sure that you enjoy your visit to Phoenix is to understand everything that Phoenix weather can have prepared for you. If you are visiting during the summer, not only will you experience hot temperatures but there is a very good chance that you will see dust storms. During the last couple of years, the city has experienced three major ones, all during the summer. They happen when the wind picks up and there is nothing that stands in the way of the dust. In the summer of 2011 there was a dust storm was 50 miles wide and well over 5,000 feet tall. If you are caught in a dust storm you should take shelter indoors immediately.

Best Time To Visit

We at Phoenix Weather.Net believe that the best time of the year to visit the city of Phoenix is both during the early spring and the late fall. While temperatures can still reach high temperatures during the daytime, the average temperature during the month of April is 72.8 Fahrenheit (22.7 Celsius). At night the desert temperatures are much cooler reaching only 60.2 Fahrenheit (or 15.7 Celsius) as an average low. During the month of October, the temperatures are very similar with an average daily temperature of 76.7 Fahrenheit (24.8 Celsius) and an average low of 64.7 Fahrenheit (18.2 Celsius). There is not much rain in the city of Phoenix so you do not have to worry about it ruining your vacation.

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