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A steady rain this evening. Showers continuing overnight. Low 54F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 80%.

Mainly sunny. High 73F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

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Philadelphia Weather

The city of Philadelphia is the largest city in the northeastern state of Pennsylvania. It is a city with a lot of history and tourism. The weather in the city of Philadelphia is considered to be humid sub-tropical and that means hot and muggy summers with moderately cool winters. The spring and the fall are cool and they attract a lot of visitors who want to see the outdoor activities which Philadelphia weather has to offer. The amounts of snow that the city experiences vary from year to year while recently the 2009 to 2010 winter was the snowiest, back in the 1972 to 1973 winter, the city only saw trace amounts of snow. The summer temperatures while not the hottest, can be uncomfortable due to the humidity.

The Winter

The winters can be snowy but generally they are a great time to visit the city of Philadelphia. Visitors are treated to the festive displays and light shows throughout the city. The coolest month, which is January, has an average high temperature of 40.3 Fahrenheit (4.6 Celsius) while the average low temperature is 25.5 Fahrenheit (-3.6 Celsius). Usually the snowiest month of the year is February which sees an average of 8.7 inches (22.1 centimeters) of snow each year. However, January has a higher amount of snowy days so while you get less snowy days in February, the snowfall is heavier. Visiting Philadelphia weather in the winter can be unpredictable so check Philadelphia Weather.Net for current weather conditions in the city.

The Spring

The spring in Philadelphia weather is a beautiful time of the year. The flowers start to bloom in the city center and during the month of March, there is the largest indoor gardening exhibit in the world. During the spring, the temperatures start climbing up and by the time May comes around the average high temperature is 73.8 Fahrenheit (or 23.2 Celsius). You will still need a sweater if you are outdoors at night as the average low temperature is 53.9 Fahrenheit (12.2 Celsius). Checking weather conditions at is also recommended because the springtime in Philadelphia is the wettest time of the year with April having the most precipitation during the season, with an average number of precipitation days of 11.3.

The Summer

The summer season is the time of the year when most people visit the city of Philadelphia. While Philadelphia weather can be hot and humid, the city has many activities that can be done outdoors. Free concerts and the Independence Day fireworks display are both impressive. The hottest month of the year is July with an average high of 87.1 Fahrenheit (30.6 Celsius). Nights during the summer are not hot but rather very comfortable. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the city of Philadelphia was 106 Fahrenheit (41 Celsius). The summer requires that you stay updated on weather forecasts as hurricane season is at its peak so check Philadelphia for any updates and warnings about the weather in the city.

The Fall

The fall in the city of Philadelphia is a busy time but not necessarily because of the tourists that visit but rather because students are coming back into the city. The fall colors in the city and around it can be impressive so visiting just for that is worth it. When it comes to precipitation, the fall sees less than the spring and that is what brings some of the tourists in. The fall can see some high temperatures even as late as November, but generally they are very comfortable. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the month of November was 84 Fahrenheit (29 Celsius) but its average is 56 Fahrenheit (or 14.3 Celsius). The temperatures are cool at night so bring a coat.

Best Time To Visit

The city of Philadelphia can attract tourism throughout the year so the best time to visit depends on what you are coming to Philadelphia for. The summer may not give you the best weather, but it does give you the most Philadelphia type of activities. Around the 4th of July there is a patriotic feeling to the city as its history is well known. Visiting in the early fall can also give you a lot of outdoor activities in the city of brotherly love. The only problem with the summer is the possibility of wild weather because of tropical storms so visit to get an idea of what type of weather you will have during your visit to the city of Philadelphia.

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