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Pensacola Weather

The city of Pensacola is to the west in the Florida panhandle. Its climate is humid sub-tropical. The winters are mild but short while the summers are humid and very hot. It is not rare to see Pensacola weather in the upper 90s (32 to 34 Celsius) during the summer during the day and in the mid-70s (23 to 24 Celsius) at night. The summertime in the city of Pensacola is when you will experience most of the extreme thunderstorms. Extreme weather is always a possibility due to its location on the east coast. While you have the possibility of hurricanes and really hot weather during the summer, Pensacola is still one of the most visited tourist destinations in the state with some of the best beaches.


During hurricane season the city of Pensacola is vulnerable to severe hurricanes. There have been plenty of hurricanes which have made landing in the city of Pensacola. Most recently, hurricane Dennis caused devastation in the area. In 2005 Dennis left a total of 14 dead in the state of Florida alone and it was a category 4 when it hit the area. If you are in the area during hurricane season, you should stay alert to hurricane warnings or watches by visiting Pensacola Weather.Net. Also keep in mind that hurricanes can spring tornados when they make landfall. Pensacola was spared in 2005 when hurricane Katrina caused only light damage to the area as compared with the mass destruction it caused in neighboring states.

Summers In Pensacola

The city of Pensacola experiences very hot and humid summers. The months of July and August are equally as hot during the day with an average temperature of 90.3 Fahrenheit (32.4 Celsius). August is a bit cooler at night reaching average low temperatures of 74.2 Fahrenheit (23.4 Celsius) but the humidity always makes the temperatures feel a lot hotter. The summer is also the time of the year when Pensacola weather will see the most rainfall, especially in July. The average rainfall in the month of July is 7.40 inches (188 millimeters). To avoid being affected by the hot temperatures, you should bring light clothing and stay updated with expected high temperatures at If it is too hot, then simply head to the beach.

The Winters

While the winters can still give you hot temperatures in Pensacola weather, they are usually very mild. The average high temperature during the coldest month in the area, which is January, is only 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16.1 Celsius). At night those temperatures drop to an average low of 42.2 Fahrenheit (5.7 Celsius). The record low temperature in the city of Pensacola is 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 Celsius). The winter is also when you will see the least amount of sunshine in the city but on average you still see a lot more sunshine than in cities to the north. If you visit during the winter, you would probably need a sweater and a light coat but check Pensacola Weather.Net for any possible weather changes.

Transitional Seasons

The spring and the autumn are transitional seasons in Pensacola weather. The temperatures from March through May are as hot as those in the north see in the middle of their summer. The same can be said of the fall months which are usually hotter. May sees average high temperatures of 83.7 Fahrenheit (28.7 Celsius) but at night the temperatures can get much lower when they reach 66 Fahrenheit (or 18.9 Celsius). September which is when the fall starts is actually very hot. The average high temperature during this month is 87 Fahrenheit (30.6 Celsius). The final averages for the weather in all four seasons can be found at and because of the variable weather it is a good idea to look.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the city of Pensacola depends on what you want to do. Most visitors come during the summer when the beaches are just packed with tourists. It is perfect beach weather during this time of the year but if what you are looking to do is to see the city and enjoy its outdoor activities, then visiting in the fall may be a better idea. You have less of a chance of extreme weather and the temperatures are still warm enough to visit the beach. The late spring can also be enjoyed but the water temperatures are a lot lower than they are during the fall. Visiting Pensacola is an adventure not to be missed.


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