Today’s weather in Pakistan

Pakistan Weather

The Republic of Pakistan is located in south Asia. Its geography makes the type of weather that you will find very diverse. In fact, some of the highest points in the world are located in the country of Pakistan. The type of weather that you will find depends on what point in Pakistan you are visiting. Pakistan weather can be tropical, temperate or Alpine in different areas of the country. Most of the country will see four very distinct seasons and the low-lying areas will see hot summers and cool but mild winters. The higher elevations, however, can see extremely cold temperatures, especially during the winter. Pakistan is known for recording one of the highest temperatures ever in the world at 53.5 Celsius (128.3 Fahrenheit).

Extreme Weather

Pakistan weather can be described in one word: extreme. The type of extreme weather does not only mean hot temperatures which as stated before can be very high. The 53.5 Celsius (or 128.3 Fahrenheit) temperature mentioned earlier was recorded in 2010 at Mohenjo-Daro, Sindh and it was the hottest temperature ever recorded in the Asian continent. Rain can also be extreme as Islamabad saw a total of 620 millimeters (24 inches) in less than 24 hours in July of 2001. Tropical cyclones are a possibility from the months of April through July and also from September through December. You can also add drought and flood to the weather in Pakistan. For more information on this weather and these types of extremes, check Pakistan Weather.Net.



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