Today’s weather in North America

North America Weather

The North American continent can give people traveling to the continent all types of weather from extremely snowy to bone dry desert climate. Places which have high precipitation amounts to others that see almost none. You can find rainforest as well as tropical Caribbean weather in the continent. It is hard to focus on one thing as affecting the weather in the entire sub-continent as the Arctic is in the north, the Atlantic to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The region is also affected by tropical storms which are formed over the Atlantic. In order to look at North America weather, it is easier to do so by looking at countries or regions specifically even though some will have many different sub-climates.

Because of the diversity in the climate in North America you can find all types of extremes. The coldest temperature ever recorded in North America happened back in February of 1947 when the temperature in Yukon, Canada recorded -62.8 Celsius (-81 degrees Fahrenheit). The hottest temperature ever recorded was 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley in the state of California. The strongest hurricane to ever hit the continent is known as the Great Labor Day Storm which happened on September 2, 1935. The deadliest tornado in North American history was the tri-state tornado back in March of 1925 when 695 people were killed.



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