Today’s weather in New Mexico

New Mexico Weather

While it is hard to describe the weather in a state as big as New Mexico by using very little information, New Mexico has semi-arid to arid weather throughout most of the state. There are some areas that see Alpine climate but that is not the norm in New Mexico. New Mexico weather sees an average of 13.9 inches (350 millimeters) of precipitation each year while the average temperature for the whole year is 64 Fahrenheit (or 18 Celsius). When you go to the mountains, however, that average can drop to 40 Fahrenheit (or 4 Celsius). It is not rare for the state of New Mexico to see temperatures exceeding 100 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) in low elevations. In July, the average temperature for the lower elevations is 97 Fahrenheit (or 36 Celsius).



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