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Nepal Weather

Nepal has 5 climatic regions all of which are at varying altitudes. The different climatic regions are; tropical, subtropical, temperate, subarctic and Arctic zones. The tropical and subtropical zones are at an altitude of 1200 m (3937 ft), the temperate zones lie between 1200 m to 2400 m (3937 t0 7874), subarctic zones lie at 3600 m to 4400 m (11811 to14436) and the arctic zone lies above 4400 m (14436 ft). Nepal has 5 distinct seasons which are summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. The Himalaya breaks cold winds from Central Asia in winter and forms the monsoon wind patterns in Nepal. For more information on Nepal weather check here,

Tropical zone

The tropical zone is characterized by warm to hot and moist weather throughout the year. This region of Nepal has a wet season in which average monthly rainfall is 60 mm. The wet season normally happens during summer. Most of the rainfall is received mostly during the afternoon or early evening hours. During this season vegetation grows significantly and the air is quality will be excellent. Flooding is also very common at this time of the season.



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