Today in Moskva, Russia

Some clouds. Cool. Low 39F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

Cloudy with occasional light rain in the afternoon. Cool. High 49F. Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

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Moscow Weather

Moscow is the capital city of Russia and it is also the most populated one. If you ever studied anything about Moscow weather then you probably understand that the winters can be cold but not much is heard of the summers. The weather in Moscow is classified as humid continental; that means that the summers are hot and humid but the winters are long and cold due to its latitude.

The warm months in Moscow are June, July and August and they are usually comfortable around 23 Celsius (mid-70s Fahrenheit). However, there can be heat waves during the months of May through September in which the temperatures will often be in the mid-30s Celsius. During the winter the night temperatures drop to a -10 degrees Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) though you can have several days when the temperatures are above freezing.

The Winter

Moscow is known for its winters and the coldest months of the year are January and February. The average temperature during these months is -9 degrees Celsius (or 16 degrees Fahrenheit). The problem with the winters in Moscow is that cold waves can happen and they bring temperatures which can be as low as -37 Celsius (-35 Fahrenheit). You can start seeing snow in Moscow weather as early as October and get some until April.

The record low temperature is a -42.2 Celsius (-44 Fahrenheit). The snowiest month is January which has a total of 18 days in which you will see measurable amounts of snow. The average high temperature during January is -4 Celsius (or 25 Fahrenheit).

The Spring

The spring technically starts in March but the warmer temperatures do not really start until May when you finally get to see an average high temperature above 15 Celsius (60 Fahrenheit). The nights can still be cool even in the late spring. The average low in May is 7.7 Celsius (45.9 Fahrenheit) so if you are visiting during that time of the year, you should still prepare for chilly nights.

The record low temperature in the month of May is -7.5 Celsius (or 18.5 Fahrenheit) so you should not count on warmer temperatures when you visit during this time of the year. Rain becomes more frequent during the spring as it leads to the summer. March sees only an average of 3 rainy days per year but by the time May gets there, there is an average of 13 rainy days. Learn more from Moscow Weather Net.

The Summer

The summers in Moscow weather are probably some of the best that you will find in Europe. While it can get hot and humid, the average should be in the low to mid 20s Celsius (low to mid 70s Fahrenheit). The highest temperature ever recorded in a Moscow summer is 38.2 Celsius (or 100.8 Fahrenheit). The summer is the rainiest season in Moscow with July seeing rain in half of its days. It is also the sunniest time to visit the city. While if you were to visit in December you would get an average of 18 mean monthly sunshine hours, if you were to visit in June the total goes up to 279. For more information you should visit

The Fall

The fall is usually pleasantly cool with a lot of colors on the trees in Moscow. Moscow weather in the fall does see some rain though not nearly as much as you would see in the summer. The average high temperature in the month of October is 8.7 Celsius (or 47.7 Fahrenheit) with the average low temperature at 2.7 Celsius (or 36.9 Fahrenheit). Once November arrives, the temperatures drop dramatically so visiting before November is highly recommended. One of the reasons people love visiting Moscow in the fall is because the weather in Moscow allows some very charming panoramic views even when you go just outside the city. Learn more from Moscow Weather Net.

When To Visit

All this information gives you an idea of what the weather in the city of Moscow is like but for more information you should visit The summer is probably the one time of the year when you would be able to have the most outdoor fun in the city of Moscow but if you visit in September, you may be able to not only do your outdoor activities, but also enjoy the beauty of the city and its surroundings. By late October, the temperatures have dropped so it is suggested that you visit by October 15th at the latest. October sees less rain than September but the weather is a bit cooler. May is also a great time to visit the city of Moscow.



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