Today in Longueuil, Canada

Rain likely. Potential for heavy rainfall. Low 62F. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall around a half an inch.

Rain ending early. Breaks of sun in the afternoon. High 69F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall around a quarter of an inch.

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  • Tonight Rain
  • Tomorrow AM Rain
  • Tomorrow night M Clear
  • Saturday P Cloudy
  • Saturday night Shwrs Late
  • Sunday Showers
  • Sunday night Showers
  • Monday M Cloudy
  • Monday night P Cloudy
  • Tuesday PM Showers

Montreal Weather

The city of Montreal has four very distinct seasons and it is located in humid continental type weather. The summers can range from warm to very hot and humid. The daily average during the hottest month of July is between 21 and 22 Celsius (or 70 to 72 Fahrenheit). It is not unlikely, however, for the city to experience temperatures which are much higher than that. The winters in Montreal are very long, cold, windy and snowy. The daily average temperature in the month of January is a -10 Celsius (or 14 Fahrenheit) but some winter days will be warmer than that. There is an average of about 8 nights in which the temperature drops to a -20 Celsius (or -4 Fahrenheit). The wind chill make the winter temperatures feel a lot colder. To learn more visit Montreal Weather Net.

The Winter

The city of Montreal does have very cold winters but the people in the city have made the best out of it. they can make visiting the city of Montreal, even in the harshest of Montreal weather, a fun experience with competitions that go from sledding to cross country skiing. Because of the mountainous area which is close to the city, you will find that the winter is perfect for skiing. The coldest month of the year is January and it also sees the most snow. The record low temperature in the Montreal area is a -33.9 Celsius (or -29 Fahrenheit). For more information on cold winters in the city of Montreal, visit

The Spring

After a long winter the spring is one of the most welcome seasons in the city. The snow starts to melt and people seem to enjoy going out for a run or a walk. You should not be fooled because even though people are walking or running, the weather can still be extremely cold during the spring. Snow can be seen all the way until the month of May and the average high temperature does not go above 19 Celsius (or 66.2 Fahrenheit). The nights are still cold so make sure that you bundle up. The amount of precipitation that you will see during the spring is no different than that that you will see during other times of the year as the rain is pretty well distributed in this type of Montreal weather.

The Summer

The summer is probably the best time to visit the city of Montreal. The city puts its party hat on and will host several festivals and outdoor events. The temperatures are warmer as the hottest month of the year, which is July, experiences average temperatures of 26.6 Celsius or 79.9 Fahrenheit. The humidity can make it feel hotter than that and the record high temperature during the summer is 36.1 Celsius (or 97 Fahrenheit).

You can expect rain in close to thirteen days each month when you are visiting Montreal but the rain is quick and you should be able to enjoy the city again in a few minutes. If you are visiting Montreal during this time of the year, make sure that you visit the lakes regions. To learn more visit Montreal Weather Net.

The Fall

The fall in Montreal weather is a beautiful time to be in the city. The leaves start changing colors and people still enjoy going out for a walk. The tables start going back inside of the restaurants as temperatures start dropping all the way down to an average high in early November of 5.1 Celsius (or 41.2 Fahrenheit). If you can manage to visit during the early fall, September is probably right up there with the summer as one of the best times to visit. October is the rainiest month in the city of Montreal with an average of 13.1 precipitation days; that is almost half the month.

What To Pack

If you are visiting the city of Montreal and you want to know what to bring, then it all depends on when in the year you are visiting. If you are coming in the summer, especially the months of July and August, then you would do well to bring light colored clothing, light pants, sandals, long sleeved shirts and an umbrella. If you are visiting the lake region at this time of the year, then do not forget your bug spray.

If you are visiting during the winter, make sure that you bring your thickest coat because you will need it because Montreal weather in the winter can be very unforgiving to those who do not come ready for it; gloves, scarves and warm hats are necessary. For more information on cold winters in the city of Montreal, visit



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