Today’s weather in Missouri

Missouri Weather

The state of Missouri is located in the Midwest of the United States and Missouri weather is humid continental. The winters are cold while the summers are hot and humid. If you go to the south of the state the climate can become humid sub-tropical. The climate in the state is influenced by winds which come from the north which are cold Arctic while the ones coming from the south are hot and humid. There are no oceans nearby or high mountains to moderate the state temperatures. There is extreme weather to be talked about in the state including severe thunderstorms and tornados. In 2011 and F5 tornado hit the city of Joplin and roughly destroyed a third of the entire city. It was not the only F5 tornado to hit the state but it was the first one in a long time. You can learn more at

Keep in mind that the state is located in tornado alley; that means that anywhere that you are, there is always a possibility that you will see one. While most tornados are not the strongest, there have been several powerful storms in the area. Heat waves also happen almost every year in the state of Missouri with some as recent as 2012. These heat waves have in some cases claimed lives, not only of people but also cattle and damages to crops. The summer of 2012 was also very dry with drought conditions gripping most of the state.



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