Today in Quezon City, Philippines

A few clouds. Low 73F. Winds light and variable.

Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 86F. Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph.

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Manila Weather

Manila weather is somewhere between tropical Savannah climate and tropical monsoon climate. Because of that, you can see different types of weather in the city of Manila but one thing that remains constant is that the city is hot. The average temperature each year for the city of Manila is 31.73 degrees Celsius (or 89.11 Fahrenheit) with some months being a lot hotter than that. May is on average the hottest month of the year while January is the coolest. The city also sees a lot of rain with a yearly average of 1,876.8 millimeters (or 73.89 inches). The wettest month of the year is usually August while the driest month is February. Humidity also affects the weather in Manila as it can be very high.

Things That Affect The Weather In Manila

Manila is one of the many islands that make up the Philippines. Because it is located on an island, the type of weather that you will see is usually humid. The weather in the city of Manila is influenced by both the Indian Ocean and the Asian continent. There are some winds in the city but not nearly enough to make the heat more tolerable. The winds from the north are not cool in this area. In fact, in some cases it can make the city even hotter. The good news is that when you visit the Philippines you will want to go to the beaches and the water temperatures around the area are great. You should only seek to cool down in the ocean as the rivers in the city are mostly contaminated and in some cases they have been declared as biologically dead.

What You Can Expect

As far as the Philippines go, Manila weather is some of the hottest. It is usually a very sunny city in a very constant climate. The temperatures will not usually stray too far from 30 degrees Celsius (or 86 Fahrenheit). Though humidity can be high most of the year, it does drop in the months of February, March and April. After April is over the rainy season really gets into gear. After this time of the year, the weather can become a bit unpredictable as typhoon season starts in June and it extends all the way to November. Even with the precipitation levels increased the temperatures will remain high.

Typhoon Season

In the months of June through November there is a very real possibility that the city of Manila will be hit by a typhoon. During this time of the year a lot of people will head to the southern islands as they are less likely to be affected by one of these weather phenomena. You are more likely to see heavy rain but if the city of Manila is getting hit directly by one of these weather systems, then it is important to pay attention to any information coming from officials. If you do not have access to that information you should ask hotel personnel if you are staying in one. You can also get the weather forecast in English through cable TV or by visiting www.ManilaWeather.Net.

Seasonal Variations

If you are visiting Manila in the rainy season and you think that an umbrella will help much you are wrong. Torrential rain in Manila weather makes umbrellas useless. Instead you should find cover as soon as possible. At the end of November that type of rain starts becoming less likely and the beginning of the dry season brings better weather. You should not expect to ever need a sweater when you are visiting Manila, even when the temperatures are lower than normal as it does not get too cold ever in the city. The lowest average temperature of any month is 20.9 Celsius (69.6 Fahrenheit) and that happens in January.

Best Time To Visit

If you are looking to visit Manila we here at Manila Weather.Net think your best bet for the best Manila weather is early in the year. December and January are probably the best months to visit temperature wise but you will get a lot less rain in January. The temperatures are still hot but the humidity is a little more forgiving during this time of the year. You should avoid visiting during July, August and September if at all possible as those months are not only very hot and humid but they also see a lot of rain. February is also a great time to visit as it is the month with the least amount of rain in the year. February only sees 3.3 millimeters (0.13 inches) on average.



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