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Thunderstorms. Low around 70F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 100%.

Thunderstorms. High 76F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

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Malaga Weather

Malaga is a city located in Andalucia, Spain. The weather in this area is sub-tropical Mediterranean which means that it is comfortable most of the year. The winters in this area are in fact some of the warmest in the entire continent, when the average temperatures are around 17 Celsius (62.6 Fahrenheit). While at night the temperatures in Malaga weather range between 7 and 8 Celsius (45 to 46 Fahrenheit). Due to its location the city of Malaga sees a lot of tourism and most of the year they come because of the beaches. There are also museums, architectural sites and outdoor events which should be seen when visiting Malaga. The city also has one more title that attracts tourists and that is that it was the birthplace of Picasso.

What Will You Need To Wear

The clothes that you need in order to enjoy Malaga weather depends on when you are visiting. If you are coming to the city in the summer, you will need to stay cool so try to bring light clothing. You should not forget, however, to also bring a sweater or two for the unexpected cool nights which can happen. During the winter the weather becomes cool but not enough that you will need your thickest jacket. Another thing to know about Malaga is that the floors are usually tile so they can be cold both during the day and at night. Bringing slippers may be a good idea so your feet remain warm when inside.

The High Season

The high season as it is the case with most Mediterranean beach destinations, is the summer. The tourists from countries in Europe and all over the world will make Malaga one of the top destinations. The summer in Malaga weather can get hot, especially in the month of August which is the hottest of the year. The average temperatures during the month of August are 25.4 Celsius (77.7 Fahrenheit) while the average high jumps all the way to 30.3 Celsius (or 86.5 Fahrenheit).

There is not much rain during the summer, in fact, July and August see less than a day of precipitation combined with 2 millimeters in July (0.8 inches) and 6 millimeters in August (0.24 inches). There is a lot of humidity in the city of Malaga. For more information on Malaga summer temperatures visit www.MalagaWeather.Net.

Mild Winters

As stated earlier Malaga weather has very mild winters. This is due to the fact that the Montes de Malaga (or Malaga Mountains) will block out the northern winds which would usually bring cold weather to the area. The coolest month of the year is January when the average high temperature is 16.6 Celsius (or 61.9 Fahrenheit). At night, however, the temperatures drop to an average low of 7.3 Celsius (or 45.1 Fahrenheit). January is also one of the two months with the most precipitation, the other one being December, when the city will see 81 millimeters (or 3.19 inches) of rainfall. November is the only month with more rain at 95 millimeters (or 3.74 inches) but that rain happens in an average of one day less than in January.

Weather Fluctuations

One of the good things about visiting Malaga is that you will not see big changes in the weather. Weather fluctuations are not the norm in the city. The highest temperature ever recorded in the city of Malaga was 43.3 Celsius (or 109.9 Fahrenheit) but that happened over 140 years ago. The coldest temperature ever to be recorded in the city of Malaga was a -0.9 Celsius (or 30.4 Fahrenheit) and that happened back in 1891. As far as high winds go, the city has seen a maximum of 119 kilometers per hour (or 73.94 miles per hour) and snow is very rare in the city and it has only been recorded once in the 20th century; that was back in February of 1954. For the current temperature at any time check here at www.MalagaWeather.Net.

Best Times To Visit

Though most of the tourists will head to Malaga during the summer you may want to wait just a few more days in order to visit and get the best possible experience. The fall is one of the best times to visit; at least September and October are. The great thing about this time of the year is that you will see smaller crowds and though rain does start in September, it is not as much. The temperatures are still great for going to the beach during the day as the average high temperature in September is 27.9 Celsius (or 82.2 Fahrenheit). In October the temperatures range at a high of 23.7 Celsius (74.4 Fahrenheit) and a low of 14.3 Celsius (57.7 Fahrenheit).



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