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Partly cloudy. High 83F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph.

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Majorca Weather

The Spanish island of Majorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea and it is one of the Balearic Islands. Like many of these islands it gets a lot of tourism from northern Europe and it is no wonder. The weather in the island is Mediterranean and a lot more pleasant than what other parts of the Mediterranean Sea see. The weather that you experience will depend on where in Majorca you are. It is not a small island; it has several mountains which are mostly in the north of the island while the south can be a bit hotter than the north. The average sunshine that the island sees is 300 days. Most of the visitors to Majorca do so because of the great beaches and the perfect weather which the island experiences almost year round.

The Summers

The summer in Majorca weather starts in June and it ends at the beginning of September. There is plenty of sun to be had during this time of the year and the temperatures are between 25.9 Celsius (78.6 Fahrenheit) and 29.5 Celsius (85.1 Fahrenheit) as the average highs. The average low temperatures during this time of the year range from 18.4 Celsius (or 65.1 Fahrenheit) to 22.2 Celsius (or 72 Fahrenheit). There is little rain during the summer months; in fact that is the dry season. You will get almost no rain in the month of July with an average of 5 millimeters or 0.2 inches of rain for the entire month. As such July sees the most sunshine hours with a total of 342. For the current temperature at any time check here at www.MajorcaWeather.Net

The Winter

The winter in Majorca weather can be a bit chilly, especially the closer you are to either one of the two mountainous regions. On average the island will see an average high temperature of 15.2 Celsius or 59.4 Fahrenheit during the month of January, which is the coldest. In February the temperature goes up a little bit with a temperature that reaches an average of 15.7 Celsius or 60.3 Fahrenheit. The nights in Majorca can be cold. The average low temperature in January is only 8.3 Celsius or 46.9 Fahrenheit. The good news is that you do not have to worry about snow. December is the month with the least amount of sunshine hours, with an average of 154.

The Autumn

Though the autumn in Majorca weather is a bit rainier than other times of the year, you still get a lot of sun and great temperatures. If you wanted to avoid crowds and still get a great Majorca experience, you would do well to visit during October. The weather ranges between 27 Celsius (or 80.8 Fahrenheit) in September to 19.2 Celsius (or 66.6 Fahrenheit) in November as the average highs. The lows range from 19.8 Celsius (67.6 Fahrenheit) to 12.1 Celsius (53.8 Fahrenheit).

You get an average of 68 millimeters (2.68 inches) of rain during the month of October. November still gives visitors a great opportunity to visit Majorca with an average daily temperature of 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 Fahrenheit). But during the daytime the temperatures are great to walk or travel around the island. For more information on daytime temperatures, visit www.MajorcaWeather.Net.

The Spring

The spring in Majorca weather is very similar to the weather that you will see in the fall. The nights are cold but the days seem almost perfect. The spring is not the best time to go into the ocean as the water temperatures are still cold from the winter. The temperatures during the springtime in Majorca will range from 17.1 Celsius (62.8 Fahrenheit) to 22.1 Celsius (or 71.8 Fahrenheit). Though the temperatures are similar to the ones that you will see during the fall, there is less rain during the spring than there is later in the year. On average you also get more sun with May already at 280 monthly sunshine hours.

Best Time To Visit And Other Facts

If you want to visit Majorca and have the best possible weather, those of us at Majorca feel you should visit during the late summer and early fall. While the spring is still a great time to visit, the water temperatures are still a bit too low and let us face it, the water temperatures are one of the main reasons that people visit the island. One thing that the weather does bring to the island of Majorca is sandstorms which come from the south from the Sahara. Majorca is right between Europe and Africa so it is not rare to have some of the worst parts of sandstorms hit the island. Overall, when you visit Majorca, no matter what time of the year, you should have a great time.



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