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Mainly sunny. High 74F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.

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Louisville Weather

Louisville weather has what is called humid sub-tropical climate. If you are moving to Louisville you will see four seasons per year. Spring conditions in Louisville weather usually start in late March and end in late May. There are extremes in the weather in the area and it is not as if it is rare. The city has also seen tornado outbreaks in the past and with that come heavy winds and powerful thunderstorms. The summers in the city can be hot and humid. It is not rare to see periods of time when the temperature does not drop below 90 degrees. There is snow which accumulates in Louisville and it also rains a fair amount. The winters can be cold and though on average you do not see much snow throughout the year, you could have heavy storms which will give you a few inches every winter.

The Wet Season

Though the rain amounts that fall in Louisville weather are constant throughout the year there is a wet season for the city. Most of the rain will fall during the spring months and the summer months. During the spring the rain will stay at over 4 inches per month. While there is a drop in the month of June, the month of July goes back to 4.5 inches. Once the month of August is over the rain starts almost disappearing with September averaging 3.2 inches of rain every year and October 2.7. April, May, June and July all have over 10 days of measurable precipitation during the year.


Louisville weather is at a risk of tornado strikes every year. There are several tornados which pass close to the city every summer. Back in 2011 one passed less than 4 miles away and was a category F2. In 2005, one was even closer at 1.77 miles away but it was at the lowest classification in the scale at an F0. There are some deadly tornados that have passed close to the city. In 1974 an F4 touched down 3.78 miles away from Louisville weather. It left three people dead and 225 injured. There have been powerful tornados that passed close to the city. The most notable one happened in 1974 which was a force F5 and passed just under 30 miles away from the city. On April 3rd of the same year one passed just under 50 miles away and it left 31 people dead with 370 injuries.

What Influences Louisville Weather

Louisville weather is considered mild and temperate. The reason for that is that it is located in the Ohio River valley which has temperatures that are lower than in other areas in the state. The tornados that pass by the city are due to the fact that it is just to the east of tornado alley. The latitude also helps during the winter because while the city does see some snow, it is much less than what they experience just north in Ohio. Louisville weather experiences fronts that come west to east and those weather patterns usually gain strength once they have passed the city.


It is not rare to see snow in Louisville weather. You can see snow as early as October and as late as April but most of the snow will fall in the month of February. Keep in mind that the averages change year to year. At the moment February shows an average of 3.6 days of snow with a total of 4.5 inches every year but it is not rare to see winters with a lot more or with a lot less. Blizzards are not common in the city of Louisville. It is very rare to see a single storm which drops more than 10 inches all at once; in fact, most of the years the city will not see a single storm with over 5 inches of snow.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the city of Louisville is in the late spring and early summer. The average temperatures in Louisville weather at this time of the year are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit with the average highs reaching a maximum of 83 and the average lows dropping down to 63. There is more rain in the spring than there is in the fall but because of the beauty of the greenery, Louisville becomes a spectacular place to visit. There is also less wind at this time of the year in Louisville weather than there is later in the year during the fall.



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