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A clear sky. Low 47F. Winds light and variable.

A mainly sunny sky. High 73F. Winds light and variable.

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Knoxville Weather

When you visit or move to the city of Knoxville you will find the Knoxville weather is rather pleasant. You will enjoy warm summers and cool winters. There is no best time to visit Knoxville. There are things happening in the city at all times of the year but if you want to avoid the hottest summer weather then you will be glad to know that the spring and the fall are as pleasant as you could possibly want them to be. Knoxville weather falls under humid sub-tropical but it is not as hot as other areas which are further south. That is because the city is located at a higher elevation. The elevation of the city of Knoxville can range between 240 meters (800 feet) to 300 meters (1000 feet).


The springtime in Knoxville weather is some of the best time to visit. The scenery is amazing and the temperatures are too. Because of the great temperatures during this time of the year the city enjoys a lot of outdoor activities and festivals. Knoxville weather during this time of the year can reach highs between 62 and 78 Fahrenheit while the lows go from 40 to 56. Snow can happen in the early spring but it is never more than an inch total. March usually has the wettest weather in the city of Knoxville but the monthly averages for rain throughout the year do not change much. While you may need an umbrella or raincoat during the spring, you would probably be able to get much more done during your time in the city.


Visiting the city of Knoxville during the summer is generally not a bad idea though there is a chance that Knoxville weather can be hot during your visit. The fact is when compared to other cities in the country Knoxville weather is not as hot as others. Humidity can be high but the highest temperature ever recorded in the city is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Cities on both the north and the south of the city, and in other states, have felt temperatures which are much hotter than that. The hottest month of the summer is July with 87.9 degrees Fahrenheit as an average high.

August is not far behind with an average of 87.7. During the month of July is when you will see the most sunshine hours in the city but it also has the highest amount of rain on average per year. August does dry up a lot when compared to July.


The fall in Knoxville weather is a much better time to visit. It is a lot drier than the summer and the spring and because of that a lot of the farmers markets go outdoors. October is the driest month of the year with an average of 2.51 inches of rain per year. September is the second driest month with only 3.24 inches. You are still technically getting a lot of hours of sunshine every day. September of course has more sunshine than October. You do not have to worry about snow in Knoxville weather until November when a dusting may reach the city.


Though the winter months tend to be a bit cool it is not the extreme cold temperatures that you would experience further north. Keep in mind that Knoxville is still at a higher elevation than some of the cities that surround it but the lowest average temperature that you will see in Knoxville weather during the winter is 27.4 degrees Fahrenheit and that happens in January. The city has been cold in the past with a record low of -24 Fahrenheit. In general the city does not get much snow. In the month of January, which is the coldest month, it may snow an average of 1.6 days each year.

Tornados Around Knoxville

Knoxville, Tennessee has seen a few tornados in its history but in the city itself, none have been over an F0. Within 50 miles, however, there have been some powerful tornados. In April 2011, for example, an F4 tornado passed 30 miles from the city of Knoxville. It seems, however, that the closer you get to the city, the more forgiving Knoxville weather can be as there are very few tornados that come within less than ten miles and when they do, they are not nearly as powerful. What you will see in Knoxville during these storms is the possibility of powerful thunderstorms and sometimes large hail. Visiting the city of Knoxville during tornado season means that you should be on the alert to the weather forecast.



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