Today in Key West, United States

Some clouds. Low around 80F. Winds light and variable.

Sunshine and clouds mixed. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High near 85F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.

This weather data was last updated 2021-09-23 08:36:04.


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Key West Weather

When people think of paradise on earth those who have already visited Key West get the city right in their minds. Key West is located in the state of Florida and it is an island south of Miami. The climate in Key West weather is tropical savannah which is similar to most of the islands in the Caribbean. While its climate is tropical and its location gives a hint of really hot temperatures, you should not expect to feel the hottest temperatures in the country in Key West. Temperatures remain pretty similar throughout the year and in reality only two seasons are observed in the city. If you are looking to travel to Key West then here are a few things which you must know.

Hurricane Season

Key West location makes it prone to damage from tropical storms and hurricanes. Hurricane season can last from late May all the way through late October but in some cases a powerful storm can develop during other times of the year. The city is on an island which makes the damage from hurricanes a lot more dangerous. If you are visiting Key West weather during hurricane season it is important that you stay updated with the weather forecast by visiting Key West Weather.Net. Though its location makes it prone to direct hits from storms which form over the Atlantic Ocean, they do not hit every year. Even with the possibility of heavy storms, Key West is still the driest city in the entire state of Florida.

How Hot Can Key West Get

As stated earlier the city of Key West does not get the extreme temperatures that other locations in the US do. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the city of Key West is 100 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) and the hottest temperature average through the year happens in August and that is 89.5 Fahrenheit (31.9 Celsius). It is not that big a difference when it comes to the average temperature and the highest temperature ever and that is because Key West weather is very stable. Changes in the climate can and do happen in some cases so we at advise you to check not only the current forecast but also the extended one for Key West.


We at Key West Weather.Net know that the one reason people come to Key West is to visit the beautiful Caribbean beaches of south Florida and the good news is that there is plenty of sunshine in Key West weather. The sunniest month of the year is May with an average of 341 sunshine hours each year. Every year Key West gets an average of 3,412.9 sunshine hours making it one of the sunniest cities in the state; definitely much sunnier than central Florida where storms seem to happen on a daily basis during the summer. No matter when you visit you are likely to have a lot of sunshine but from March through August there is not a single month with less than 300 hours of sunshine.


One of the things that people ask about the weather in Key West is about the cold temperatures. While it is true that the city of Key West gets a lot of sunshine and great temperatures year round, it is also true that those temperatures have dropped a lot in the past. The coolest temperature to ever be recorded in Key West was 41 Fahrenheit (5 Celsius) with the coolest weather felt in 2010. Checking for an extended forecast will give you a clearer picture of what to expect when you arrive. Extremely cold temperatures are rare and the city has never experienced temperatures at the freezing mark so it is very likely you will not need a coat.

Best Time To Visit

The city of Key West is a great place to visit year round, so do not let the predictions of higher rain amounts or hurricane season stop you from coming. Keep in mind that hurricane strikes are rare so if you want to visit during the summer months, you will have a great time in and out of the water. Water temperatures are great, especially during the summer months but even in what would be called the winter, those temperatures do not drop much. If you visit during the spring you will have a lower amount of rain and a chance of perfect beach weather. Visiting during the spring is therefore recommended as the best time to visit.



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