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Kenya Weather

The country of Kenya does not have a set type of weather. Though most of the people think of Kenya as a hot country year round, there are high elevations like Mount Kenya which, due to its high altitude, will develop glaciers and snow. Along the coast Kenya weather is tropical while inland you will find weather which is arid, especially in the north of the country. There is a lot of sun in Kenya weather and as it is the case with countries south of the equator, Kenya summer happens at the same time that winter does north of the equator. Most of the country will experience summer type weather all year round but the higher elevations can get really cold.

The hottest months of the year in Kenya weather are December, January, February and March so you may want to avoid the low elevations during this time. Nairobi weather is very pleasant all year round but the closer you get to Lake Victoria the higher the temperatures will be and it is very likely that Kenya weather at this location will provide for a lot of rain. In the coast, the best time to go would be during the months of June and July. In the higher altitudes you should try for December and January. If you are visiting the country for its many natural wonders, then visiting during the fall and the spring is a great idea as you will be able to watch migrations of the wildlife without extreme heat or cold.



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