Today’s weather in Japan

Japan Weather

Japan weather is typical to that of temperate zones. Japan has 4 distinct seasons but the country climate varies between cool temperate in the north and subtropical in the south. There are 2 major factors that contribute to Japan weather, the first being its proximity to the Asian continent and the presence of oceanic currents. There are 2 major oceanic currents that affect Japan and these are the Kuroshio Current (also known as the Japan Current) which brings in warm air and the Oyashio Current (also known as the Parent Current) which brings in cold air. These two currents meet at 36 North latitude and create conditions that helped form a bountiful fishing ground. Japan different geographical features make Japan weather have 6 principal climatic zones.


Japan weather can be described as generally rainy with days that often have high humidity due to seasonal winds. Climate in Japan varies widely with altitude and location on the Pacific Coast. Because of that Northern Japan has warm summers and long cold winters which have heavy snowfall. Central Japan is in an elevated position thus it has very humid summers and winters which are not very long but have heavy snowfall in some regions. Southern Japan has very long hot and humid summers with mild winters and rainfall is relatively higher in this region.



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