Today’s weather in Ireland

Ireland Weather

While most people who live in Ireland will tell you that Ireland weather sees a lot of changes throughout the year, the fact is that these changes never get bad enough to be called extreme. The average annual temperature for the country is 9 degrees Celsius but when you get closer to the middle of the country, the temperatures can change a bit more. Ireland weather is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and southwest winds which come from it. The northwest, southwest and west of the country will see higher amounts of rain. That is especially true the higher you get in elevation. In short, the weather in the country is moist, mild and changeable but nothing that will take you by surprise.

Other countries which are located on the same or close latitudes will see a lot of extreme temperature changes, but that is not the case in Ireland weather. Summers are pleasant though humid while the winters are mild. To give you an idea of how non-extreme the Ireland weather in the summer is, the record high for the entire country is 33.3 degrees Celsius or 91.9 Fahrenheit. The winters are not extreme either. The record low for the entire country is negative 19.1 Celsius or minus 2.4 Fahrenheit so it is below freezing but not by much. The temperatures will go over the 30 degree Celsius mark about once or twice every decade. There are areas in the country, which are inland, where the annual temperature does feel lower such as Clones, Mullingar and County Westmeath.



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