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Sunny skies. Very hot. High 99F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph.

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Iraq Weather

The Republic of Iraq is located in the west of the Asian continent and the country is large enough that you are likely to see different types of climate. Most of the country will experience some subtropical influence on its hot arid climate but there are areas in higher elevations which can see different types of weather. Iraq weather during the summer can average 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). In some cases the temperatures can hit an average of 48 Celsius (118.4 Fahrenheit) in a summer for a single year. The rain in Iraq usually happens from the months of December through April. The average of course depends on where in Iraq you are located. Some severe weather conditions can also be observed and those will be discussed later.


If you were to visit the country of Iraq during the summer months, the first thing that you will notice is that Iraq weather does not get much rain during the season. From June through September the average amount of rain is nearly 0. On the other hand, once the month of November arrives, rain starts falling. By the time April is over, the country will have seen about 90 percent of its total yearly precipitation so check Iraq Weather.Net especially during those months for weather conditions. The lower elevations do not see much rain but the higher up you go the more likely you will be to experience heavy downpours. It is the higher elevations that can support Iraq agriculture.


The city of Baghdad is the capital of the country and its climate is subtropical arid. The temperatures can get really hot during the Baghdad summers. The hottest temperatures of the year in Iraq weather in the region happen during the month of August when the average high temperature is 44 degrees Celsius (111 Fahrenheit). The good news is that at night those average temperatures do drop to a more tolerable 24.5 Celsius (76.1 Fahrenheit). July is not much better as the average high temperature is 43 Celsius (109 Fahrenheit). If you can avoid those months for your visit, you would be doing yourself a great favor as we at do not usually recommend the summer for traveling to the city of Baghdad.


The city of Mosul is located to the north of the country and its climate is semiarid. The city experiences summers which tend to be extremely hot and which have almost 0 rain. While the temperatures in this type of Iraq weather are very similar to those in Baghdad, the rain totals in Mosul are much higher. Throughout the year, Mosul gets 363.6 millimeters (14.315 inches) of precipitation. While that is not a high amount, during the early part of the year you can see more than a third of the days with some sort of precipitation so check Iraq Weather.Net before you visit the area. The coolest month of the year in Mosul is January when the average low temperatures are 2.2 Celsius (36 Fahrenheit).


The city of Basra is located very close to the Kuwait border in the south of the country and the climate is hot desert. The summer months are almost unbearable with the hottest temperature ever recorded in the city being 52 Celsius (126 Fahrenheit). As it is with most desert climates, there is not much rain to be had throughout the year and from the month of June all the way through September, rainfall amounts almost 0. The hottest month of the year is August when the average high temperature is 41 Celsius (106 Fahrenheit). Low temperatures can also be experienced in Basra. In fact, the lowest temperature ever recorded here is -4 Celsius (25 Fahrenheit). Basra is one of the hottest cities in the world.


The city of Karbala is located south of Baghdad but its climate is a bit different in that it is hot desert climate. The temperatures are extremely hot during the summer months when the hottest month of the year is July with an average high temperature of 43.9 Celsius (111 Fahrenheit). Temperatures can get low in Karbala as the average low temperature in January is only 5.4 Celsius (41.7 Fahrenheit). You should not expect much precipitation throughout the year as the city only gets 92.9 millimeters (3.657 inches) of precipitation all year long. That precipitation is spread through only 42 days. What you need to be concerned about in our opinion at is the hot summer temperatures even at night.



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