Today in Iowa City, United States

A clear sky. Low near 50F. Winds light and variable.

Partly cloudy skies in the morning will give way to cloudy skies during the afternoon. Slight chance of a rain shower. High 78F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph.

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Iowa Weather

The state of Iowa is located in the Midwest of the United States and just like other states in the area, Iowa weather is considered humid continental climate. One thing that you will now about Iowa weather if you live there is that you are likely to see extremes in both the winter and the summer. Winters in Iowa can get very cold while the summers will be as hot as you can expect in the Midwest. Another thing that happens in Iowa is extreme weather in the form of thunderstorms and tornados. The state of Iowa sees a total of 50 days of thunderstorms every year and tornados are the norm at any time from the spring all the way through the summer. So what about the main cities in the state?

Iowa City

Iowa City is one of those places where you can easily get extreme weather. Back in 2006 a lot of property damage was caused by an evening tornado which was classified as an F2. In 2008 a severe flood also hit Iowa City and is one of the worst in Iowa weather history. There was extensive damage done to the museum but thankfully most of the art owned by the University of Iowa was moved before the storm. The hottest month seen in Iowa City is July when the high temperatures reach an average of 87 Fahrenheit and the coldest month is January when the average low is 14 Fahrenheit. The rainiest month is June which sees a yearly average of a little above 5 inches of rain per year.

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids takes the second place in size in the state of Iowa and people who live in the city know that Iowa weather in this area can hit both extremes. The summer months in Cedar Rapids are hot and humid with the hottest month being July. The average high temperature for the month of July is 84 Fahrenheit but the average lows on the same month drop all the way to 63. The coldest month is January with an average high of 28 Fahrenheit and dropping as cold as 11 degrees Fahrenheit at night. The Iowa weather in Cedar Rapids sees an average of 31.5 inches of snow per year with most of the snow falling in the month of December.


Winterset is located in Madison County in Iowa. While it is not one of the bigger cities in the state, it is worth mentioning. Winterset has hotter Iowa weather than other cities around the state with the average high in July reaching a total of 86.8 degrees Fahrenheit as the average high and dropping to an average low of 63.5 in the same month. The average lows for the winter see their biggest drop in the month of January when the average low is only 11.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Winterset also experiences extreme Iowa weather with heavy rain and hail happening almost every year. Tornados and tornado warnings are also a way of life in this part of the state.


Davenport can see Iowa weather which can be very hot and humid during the summer. The winters, on the other hand, become extremely cold and if you add to that the high winds it can be almost unbearable. Snow happens in the city of Davenport mostly from November through February with an average of 30.7 inches per year. January is usually the coldest month and July the hottest. While Iowa weather can be extreme in most parts of the state, Davenport has not seen devastating tornados even though it is located in tornado alley. The closest strong tornado to pass by did so back in 1966 and it was an F3 which passed 4.34 miles away.

Sioux City

The fourth largest city in the state of Iowa is Sioux City and it is located on the northwestern side of the state. Iowa weather in this part of the state is hot and humid in the summer and is cold in the very snowy winters. Summers, which are already very hot, have an average high of 82.5 Fahrenheit but it is not rare for the temperature to go much higher than that. The record high for the city is 111 degrees Fahrenheit while the record low is a negative 35 Fahrenheit. The coldest month in Sioux City is January when the average low temperatures are only 8.5 degrees while the average high is 28.7. As Sioux City is located right in the middle of tornado alley, extreme weather is always a possibility.



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