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Indonesia Weather

Indonesia lies along the equator and has a tropical climate. Indonesia weather has 2 distinct seasons which are the monsoonal wet season and the dry season. Low lying locations receive varying amounts of rainfall which ranges from 1780 - 3175 mm (70 - 125 inches). In mountainous regions average annual rainfall can be as high as 6100 mm (240 inches). Mountainous regions receive the most rainfall in Indonesia. Indonesia weather is generally characterized by high humidity which usually averages 80%. Temperatures vary very little throughout the year with average daily temperatures in Jakarta ranging between 26 - 30 C (79 - 86 F).

Jakarta has Indonesia weather which lies between tropical monsoon and savanna. Although the city is located in close proximity to the equator it has 3 distinct wet and dry seasons. The wet season dominates the dry season and runs from November to June. The dry season runs from July through October. Jakarta receives the most rainfall in January with a monthly average of 389 mm (15.3 inches). September is the month that receives the lowest rainfall with a monthly average of 30 mm (1.2 inches). The city has an average of 168 rainy days. Average low temperatures range between 24.2 - 25.5 C (75.6 - 77.9 F) while average high temperatures range between 31.3 - 34.3 C (88.3 - 93.7 F) throughout the year.



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