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Illinois Weather

Illinois weather is mostly humid continental with hot and humid summers with cool to cold winters. The south of Illinois experiences a humid subtropical climate with more moderate winters. Illinois weather is characterized by precipitation which varies from 48 inches (1200 mm) in the south and 35 inches (890 mm) in the north of the state. Normal snowfall exceeds 38 inches (970 mm) per year in Chicago while the southern part of the state receives less than 14 inches (360 mm).

An area the experiences humid continental climate is characterized by large seasonal temperature variations. This type of climate has warm to hot summers and cold to severely cold winters. Precipitation is usually evenly distributed throughout the year. Snowfall usually takes place in all areas regardless of seasonal averages and is more common than rain. Snow cover in this type of climate is usually very deep. Summers are usually characterized by precipitation that is accompanied by thunderstorms. Humid continental climates often have high humidity levels. According to Koppen climate classification a humid continental climate has mean temperatures for the coldest months falling below 26.6 F (-3 C) and has at least 4 months which have average temperatures which go above 50 F (10 C).


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