Today’s weather in Idaho

Idaho Weather

Idaho weather is classified as having a semi-arid continental climate. It has four distinct seasons, with summers being hot, winters being cold, and spring and fall moderate. Although Idaho is not on the coast, the Pacific Ocean does affect its climate significantly. Most notably are its effects in the winter, which keep Idaho slightly warmer than its northern counterparts further east. Although the summers are hot in Idaho, the relative humidity is low. Most of the precipitation falling in Idaho occurs during late fall and throughout the winter. It snows about 20 in. (49 mm) per year in Idaho, but usually only a few inches at a time.

Idaho is at an elevation of 2725 feet above sea level. It has approximately 206 sunny days per year. Idaho averages about 12 in. of rainfall per year, less than half of the US average. It receives about 20 inches of snowfall each year, which is about 5 inches less than the national average. Due to Idaho seasonal climate and low relative humidity, it rates 68 on the comfort index with 100 being the most comfortable; the national average is 44. Idaho also rates slightly below the national average of 4.3 on the UV index with a rating of 4.1.



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