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A few clouds. Low 59F. Winds light and variable.

Plentiful sunshine. High 86F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.

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Houston Weather

Houston, Texas is located near the Gulf of Mexico and is classified as having a humid subtropical climate. Its elevation is 52 ft. above sea level. Houston receives up to 52 in of rain each year, which is higher than the US average. However, it rarely receives any snow. The average US snowfall is 25 inches per year. Houston is rated 6.1 on the UV index. On the comfort index, at which 100 is rated the most comfortable, Houston receives a 24. This is largely due to the high heat and humidity of Houston summers. During the summer, Houston weather is very similar to that of tropical climates such as in Central America. Spring and summer in Houston are pleasant with warm days and cool evenings, and the winters are mild and comfortable.

Spring can bring severe thunderstorms with lightning and hail, along with an occasional tornado, to Houston weather. Due to its location near the Gulf of Mexico, hurricanes and tropical storms are a threat during the fall months. Houston is flat, and is prone to flooding. Although large storms rarely hit Houston, it often floods due to large amounts of rain from nearby storms. An occasional ice storm occurs in Houston, but frozen precipitation does not last long due to the warm temperatures.

Houston In The Spring

Houston weather in the spring is warm and reasonably pleasant. Thunderstorms occur frequently in the spring, and the rain heralds the beginning of Houston growing season, which last 10 months. As the humidity begins to rise in the spring, the mosquitoes and other insects return after being away for the winter. It rains the least number of days per month in April, but April still averages 3.3 in. (84mm) of rain. March brings 3.4 in. (87mm), and April brings about 5 in. (129mm). Houston weather in the spring is warm in the day, and the nights are cool. The daily high averages 73F (22C) in March, 79F (26C) in April, and 86F (30C) in May. The average low is 46F (8C) in March, 52F (11C) in April, and 59F (15C) in May. May averages 6 days during the month that reach 90F (32.5C) or above.

Houston In The Summer

Houston weather in the summer is humid and hot. Evening thunderstorms are common throughout the summer months. Relative humidity reaches about 80 percentages during the day, and drops to around 60 percentages in the evenings. June receives the most rain of the year in Houston, averaging 5.92 in. (150mm). July and August both receive about 3.8 in. (96.5 mm) or rainfall. Due to the large amount of rainfall and the flay layout of Houston, it is prone to flooding. Its location on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico also brings the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms to Houston weather at the end of summer. Most every summer day in Houston reaches 90F (32.5C) or above. The average high in June is 91F (33C), and the average low is 73F (23). July and August both average 95F (35C) for the daily high, and have a daily low averaging 75F (24C).

Houston In The Fall

Houston weather in late fall is very similar to that of spring weather, although the days are still quite warm in the early fall. The evenings are cool. The threat from hurricanes and strong storms with high winds continues throughout the fall, as does the threat of flooding. October brings the second highest rainfall totals for the year with an average of 5.7 in. (144.8 mm). September averages 4.12 in. (104.6 mm), and November averages 4.34 in. (110 mm). The average daily high in September is 90F (32C). By October, the average daily high drops to 82F (28C), and the average high in November is 72F (22C). The daily low for Houston weather in the fall averages 70F (21C) in September, 61F (16C) in October, and 72F (22C) in November. An average of 20 days in the fall reach 90 F (32.5C) or higher.

Houston In The Winter

Houston weather in the winter is mild; only around 20 days out of the entire winter season have temperatures below freezing. The average temperature in January is almost twice as warm as the national average for January. Hard freezes are rare, as is frozen precipitation. Cold rains do occur, along with occasional freezing rain. Houston weather brings an ice storm every few years. Rainfall continues to be steady throughout the winter. December averages 3.74 in. (95mm), and January and February average 3.30 in. (86mm). The average high in December is 64F (18C), and the average daily low is 44.6F (7C). January is only slightly cooler, with an average high of 63F (17C), and an average low of 43F (6C). February begins to warm up slowly, with an average high of 66F (19C), and an average low of 46.5F (8C).



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