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Clear skies. Low 56F. Winds light and variable.

Sunny. High 86F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.

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Fort Worth Weather

When you see the weather patterns for Fort Worth you quickly realize that the city has the potential of experiencing extreme weather. The city seems to experience almost everything that nature can throw its way. The residents of Fort Worth have experienced hurricanes, tornados, drought, floods, extreme heat and subzero temperatures. While Fort Worth weather usually means that you will have mild winters and hot summers, residents know they should expect a surprise here and there. Even when the city does not get much rain, floods have been some of the costliest acts of nature that the city has experienced with some of the most notable ones printed in the history books of the city. Another thing to know is that Fort Worth weather is in the south of Tornado Alley.


The Fort Worth area is located at the south of what is known as Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley is the name given to the area in the United States where tornados happen frequently. Although severe tornados are rare in Fort Worth weather they have happened in the past. Most people who have lived in the city for a while will remember the F3 tornado which happened on April 16th of 2002, and another F3 which came close to the city back in March of 2000. One of the biggest scares in the last 25 years happened on April of 1990 when an F4 force tornado passed almost 30 miles away from the city. In the last few years most tornados in the area have not gone past the F2 force.


Because Texas has a big coastline in the Gulf of Mexico, hurricanes are always a possibility. While the land between the gulf and Fort worth weather will usually reduce the strength of a hurricane, the stronger storms will not lose much and still have a big impact in the city. One of the last significant hurricanes to reach Fort Worth was hurricane Ike, but the damage that hurricane Norma caused in 1981 was greater. Another risk that hurricanes and tropical storms bring to the area is the possibility of tornados. Hurricane Norma for example helped to create several tornados not only in the Fort Worth area but also in the surrounding counties.

Heat In Fort Worth

It is no secret that Fort Worth weather is pretty hot in the summer, but a lot of people do not realize how hot it actually feels. The hottest month of the year is July when the average high temperature is 95.4 F. During those hot days it is not rare to have several days in a row go over the 100 F mark. The average low in July is 74.6 F. August is also very hot in Fort Worth weather and in fact the record high for the city happened in August when the mercury reached 115 F. The temperatures can be higher than in most cities at any time from May through October. Rain does not help much during the summer as the summer months tend to be dry.

Rain And Even Snow

It does not rain much in Fort Worth weather, but there are months that are considered rainy. May is the month which sees the most rain with an average of 5.15 inches of rain per year and 9.3 rainy days in average. The second rainiest month is October but even at number 2 it sees less than 2 rainy days per year and only 4.11 inches in average. While snow is rare, it does happen in Fort Worth. The city sees an average of 2.6 inches of snow per year. You can count on January being a dry month as it sees only 1.89 inches of precipitation every year, followed by February which sees 2.37 inches.

Best Time To Visit

If you are looking to visit the city of Fort Worth, then you should do so in the Fall. The months of October and November are by far the best time to visit as the constant heat from the summer is long gone, and are replaced by great temperatures. In October the Average high is 77.9 F while the average low is 56.4. November sees the temperatures drop to 65.1 F as the average high and 45.1 F for the average low. The good thing about November is that even though the temperatures have dropped, it is still great weather to be outside and it has less rain than October. April and May are also great to visit, but you should expect more rain.



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