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Cloudy skies this evening will become partly cloudy after midnight. Low 54F. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph.

Mostly cloudy and windy. High 64F. Winds WSW at 20 to 30 mph. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

This weather data was last updated 2021-09-23 08:12:02.


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Edinburgh Weather

If you are traveling or moving to Edinburgh, the one thing that you will notice is that Edinburgh weather is very constant and very mild all year round. The weather in the city of Edinburgh is considered temperate maritime climate. The weather tends to be a lot better than other cities and countries which fall in the same latitude as Edinburgh. Though the city has a cool weather it does not get as cold as you would expect it. The temperatures in the city even in the winter hardly ever reach freeing and the summers are picture perfect. That is the one thing that you can say about Edinburgh weather: it has the summers that you only dream of in the United States and in some places in Europe.

What Influences Edinburgh Weather

Edinburgh weather is influenced by a few things. Its latitude is only a small factor as other cities which lie in the same latitude can experience much colder winters. The city is close to the sea and that means that large changes in temperature do not happen often. The city of Edinburgh is in fact located between the hills and the coast and that can create some winds. Edinburgh is known to be a rather windy city because of that. The good news is that the winds usually blow from the south and that is what gives it its more temperate climate. When the winds come from the East then the city will see the temperatures drop, but they do remain dry.

The Rain In Edinburgh

It does rain in Edinburgh, but there is no rainy season. The rains will fall at any time of the year, but that does not mean that it will get as much rain as Glasgow which is located to the west. The rain can be caused because of the winds that come from the Atlantic Ocean which are unstable. Edinburgh weather will see an average of 709 mm (27.91 inches) of rain per year with the rainiest month being October with a total of 79 mm of rain per year. You should not however see October as a rainy season in Edinburgh weather because throughout the year you are likely to see similar amounts of rain. April does see a lower amount of rain in average with a total of 40 mm (1.57 inches).

Not A Hot Summer

This area of Europe is known for its mild summers and Edinburgh is no different. The hottest month of the year is July with an average high temperature of 19 C (66.2 F) followed by August with an average high of 18.9 (66 F). The city does not get that hot, in fact the hottest temperature recorded in Edinburgh weather is just 30 C (86 F). The fact that the record high in the city is lower than the average in some US cities makes traveling to Edinburgh in the summer a pleasant surprise for most people. The summers here may not have a lot of rain, but it is not necessary to cool down.

Winters: Not So Bad Either

Since the summer is not as hot you could expect the winter to be colder. That is not the case when you are talking about Edinburgh weather. Though the temperatures drop in the winter they are not something anyone would call too cold. The coldest month in Edinburgh weather is January when the average high is 6.7 C (44.1 F) and the average low is 1.2 C (34.2 F). The record cold temperature did drop significantly with the lowest temperature ever recorded in the city of Edinburgh being -15.5 C (4.1 F). Temperatures that low are not something that happens every year, but the city location makes it a possibility once in a while.

Best Time To Visit

Edinburgh is one of those cities that you could visit at any time of the year and still have a great time. The best time to visit however has got to be the summer. The rain averages are close to the same every month of the year, but the fact that you have better Edinburgh weather temperatures gives you more of a chance to see the many sights of the city. The summer is also the time when most festivals will be held and when most people from other places in Europe will visit. If you wanted to get better prices you could still visit in the winter and not have bad weather anyway. Edinburgh is definitely one of those cities that seem to be perfect at any time of the year.



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