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Mostly clear. Low 68F. Winds light and variable.

Sunny skies. High 79F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.

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Dubai Weather

Dubai, a territory that is part of the United Arab Emirates, is classified as having an arid, subtropical climate. Dubai is located on the Arabian Peninsula, and the Persian Gulf borders its western coast. Its elevation is 16m (52 ft.) above sea level. Because of its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, Dubai weather consists of extremely hot summers, and the average daily high year round is above 24C (75F). Dubai is in the northern part of the Arabian Desert belt, and it sees little to no rainfall for several months out of the year. The average number of days per year that have rainfall is five.

Rainfall is most prominent in the months of December through March, and these are the months that have the most comfortable temperatures for Dubai weather as well. Dubai rates high or above on the UV Index every month of the year except December, and April through September are rated extreme. April through October are categorized as having high to extreme heat and humidity, and only January and February are categorized as having no heat and humidity. The sea temperatures around Dubai are warm as well. In February, when the sea temperature is at its coolest temperature of the year, it is 22C (72F). At its warmest, in August, the sea temperature is 33C (91F).

Spring In Dubai

Spring brings only one or two days of rain to Dubai. The average rainfall for March is 27 mm (1.1 in.), and the average rainfall for April is 8 mm (0.31 in.). May typically receives no rain. Dubai weather in the spring is the beginning of the heat and humidity that it sees for most of the year. March has moderate humidity, but by May, it is categorized as very high. The sun shines for 12 hours per day in March, and 13 hours per day in April and May. The average high temperature in March is 28C (82F), and by May the daily high average temperature is up to 36C (97F). In April, the daily high temperature is 32C (90F). The daily low temperature is 17C (63F) in March, 19C (66F) in April, and 23C (73F) in May, making spring nights in Dubai quite pleasant.

Summer In Dubai

Dubai weather in the summer is extremely hot and dry. It rarely ever rains in Dubai from June through September. The sun shines for 13-14 hours a day throughout the summer. The average high temperature in June and September is 38C (100F). July and August high temperatures average 40C (104F). Summer nights are hot as well, as the average low drops to a muggy 26C (79F) in June and September, and it is 29C (84F) in July and August. Sea temperatures are also warm, reaching 33C (91F) by August. The extreme heat, sun, and humidity make Dubai weather in the summer quite unpleasant. In addition to the heat and humidity, summer Dubai weather also brings the threat of sandstorms as northwesterly winds blow in from Saudi Arabia. These sandstorms make visibility low, and they can last for several days.

Fall In Dubai

Dubai weather in the fall continues to be hot and humid in the daytime, with nights less hot and much more pleasant. Fall occasionally brings rain to Dubai, with November averaging 3 mm (0.12 in.). October has an average daily high of 35C (95F) and an average low of 22C (72F). November has an average high of 31D (88F) and an average low of 18C (64F). The sun shines about 11-12 hours throughout the fall. The humidity begins to decline slightly in the fall, with October having high humidity and November having moderate humidity. The sea temperatures remain considerably warm, falling to 28C (82F) by November.

Winter In Dubai

Dubai weather in the winter is the most pleasant of the entire year. It is warm, and the humidity is low. It will rain only two or three days throughout the entire winter, but that is more than occurs during the other seasons. The average high temperature in December is 27C (81F). In January, it drops to 24C (75F), and by February, the average high temperature is on its way up again, at 25C (77F). The daily low temperature averages 15C (59F) in December, 13C (55F) in January, and 14C (57F) in February. December has low humidity, and January and February have little to no humidity. Dubai weather in December brings the highest rainfall totals of the year, with an average of 25mm (0.98 in.). January and February average 15.2mm (0.60 in.).



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