Today in Detroit, United States

Rain. Potential for heavy rainfall. Low 53F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 100%.

Overcast with rain showers at times. High 56F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 70%.

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Detroit Weather

Located in Michigan and close to the Great Lakes, Detroit is a city of extremes. The summers in the city can get really high while the winters are freezing and can see a lot of snow. Just like the other cities around the lakes, the best time to visit Detroit is in the fall. Detroit weather during the early fall is mild and the humidity has left the city. The one problem in the fall is that it does get windy. The winds can last all the way through the end of the winter.

Spring time temperatures in Detroit weather, especially in the late spring, are similar to ones that you would see in the autumn, however with less wind and more rainfall. The blooming of the flowers comes a little later to Detroit than it does to most of the country. But once the flowers show up, it does make the city and its surroundings a pretty place to visit.

The Winter

The winters in the city of Detroit are very cold. Detroit weather is affected by the lake affect and winds coming from northern Canada. The winds from the north also bring a lot of snow. The temperature of Detroit weather often reaches the freezing mark and in some cases they stay below freezing for several days. The coldest month of the year is February when the temperatures drop and the strong winds that are a staple of the city make it feel even colder. The second coldest month is January.

The amount of snow that you see in Detroit would paralyze most of the cities in the northeast but people in Detroit are used to it and are hardly surprised by the amounts they see every year. January is the coldest and the snowiest month with an average temperature of 32F for a high and 19F for the low.

The Fall

As stated earlier, the fall is the best time to visit the city of Detroit. However, there should be emphasis placed on the early fall. The temperatures drop in late October and first snow can be seen as early as November. There is always a chance of an early snowfall as early as October but these are rare. Walking through the city in September gives you the best Detroit weather. Temperatures are mild and though rain does happen, the rain is much better than the mugginess of the summer. As the fall progresses and you get into the later part of the year, you will be more likely to need a coat. If you are planning to stay outside at night during the fall, be prepared for colder temperatures as the difference between the daytime temperature and the nighttime temperature can vary significantly in Detroit weather.

The Summer

The summer is one time of the year when people want to get out of the city. The mugginess is in some cases unbearable. Though Detroit is located far from the coasts, the Great Lakes are enough to make the city as humid as it is. Detroit weather summers seem to have muggy days every day and the temperature, especially in July, stays around 84 degrees Fahrenheit. August is the second hottest month of the year with an average temperature around 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers in Detroit weather can also bring severe thunderstorms to the area.

Though it is very rare, there have been tornadoes spotted in the area so you should always be on the lookout for severe weather in Detroit summers. When the weather gets too hot then the locals just head to Lake Michigan for some relief. Night time temperatures can drop as the average in July is only 64.

The Spring

With the spring the greenery comes back to the city. Though Detroit is not the greenest city in the country, it does have small greener areas that can be admired at this time of the year. Spring showers are not uncommon in Detroit weather. If you ever heard the phrase April showers bring May flowers that is very true in Detroit though the spring takes a backseat to the summer as far as rainfall. Though the spring officially starts in March, it is not rare to see winter type temperatures in the early spring.

If you are experiencing Detroit weather in the early spring, you will definitely need a coat but as the spring progresses, the weather gets better and more visitors start to arrive in the city. Visiting Detroit in the late spring is the perfect time for people watching and outdoor recreation.



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